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Rhinoplasty, alar (nostril) reduction

Have you ever heard the praise “Nose is the center of face”? Eyes are the part that creates overall impression of face, but the part that plays important role on balance and harmony of our face is Nose!
Especially, nostrils (alar) and nose tip are the most impressive part from the front view. When the nose alar is wide and big, the nostrils look big which creates dull impression and make the nose to appear low.
The ideal width of your alar is the same as the distance between your eyes, shorter than the width of your lips and has to be wider as it comes down.

Alar (nostril) reduction needs about 30 minutes of surgical duration. It is a simple surgery compare to other surgeries and it allows the reduction of the width of alar as well as correcting on wide nostrils or uneven nostrils to beautiful egg shaped nostrils.
However it requires experienced doctor’s précised performance as the nose tip may appear even thicker if the alar was reduced too much.

The reason for the people to prefer alar red…

Lifting, what are the lifting procedures we can start from 20s?

For today, I will introduce the lifting procedures that we can star from 20s, but I am pretty sure that you were thinking that lifting is a surgery that tightens saggy skin up, right?
Lifting is a surgery/procedure that improves on wrinkles and tightens saggy skin caused by aging, habit or the environment.
Most of people in 20s will be thinking “I can get them later on as I am still young~”, however the aging starts from 25…!!
So anyone who is over 25 years old can be a candidate for lifting procedures! There can be people who were born with skin that has less elasticity or people who want to improve on saggy skin caused by facial contouring or two jaw surgeries.
So what kind of lifting treatments available for 20s? We can divide them into two main procedures, one is lifting lasers and the other is thread lifting.
I will explain them in detail below
Lifting that we start from 20s – First, lifting laser
There are various types of lifting laser and I want to recommend pore tightening laser inst…

Have you ever had chicken in Korea?

Chicken meat is one of the most popular types of meat all over the world. I think you will usually have half or one full chicken most of the time, right? There are various foods made out of chicken all over the world. We could pick KFC or Popeyes as the most famous chicken on the earth, however in Korea; you can try out variety kinds of chicken that are delicious.

1.Chicken that is deep fried in Olive oil
Fried chicken from a company named B** is now popular on many countries after establishing branches internationally because their fried chicken is very crispy as it is deep fried in olive oil. This company’s chicken was really popular in Korea in the initial period due to its clean taste and other companies used to sell similar styled chicken.

2.Chicken with scallion
It has been very popular recently with the nick name of scallion chicken and it is fried chicken served with julienned scallion to relive the oily taste of fried chicken. It was the most popular menu for a while due to its fres…

Are you considering eye revision surgery? Then you should solve that at specialized clinic.

Eye is a part that decides on whole impression on our face and that is why many people choose to get double eyelid surgery to improve on their impression in relatively quick and easy way.  However this also lead to the increase in number of people who are considering eyelid revision surgery due to side effects or after effect as double eyelid surgery is universalized.

Double eyelid surgery revision has to be done in the most suitable methods according to each individual’s condition as well as correcting on the fault from the first surgery through accurate and definite diagnosis with systemic post-surgery care offered.
Revision surgery is required when the first surgery was done without considering various factors including the patient’s eye shape, thickness of eyelids, and so on.
There might even be unexpected side effects such as unnatural impression, sensitive eyes, congested eyes, dry eyes and so on.
Thus the revision surgery has to be precisely chosen according to individual’s condi…

Consult at WONJIN for accurate surgical method if you want natural double eyelid

People desire for beautiful eyes as the eyes are the first part to be recognized when we look at someone as well as taking a key role of one’s first impression. Thus there are many patients who visit WONJIN for their eye surgery and most of Korean patients desire natural double eyelid line.
I will introduce non-incisional double eyelid surgery that has been popular between WONJIN’s patients from long time ago.
Non-incisional double eyelid surgery is also popular between Korean celebrities as well. The advantage of non-incisional double eyelid surgery is that there is less bleed and scar as it is done without incision. Also it is done under local anesthesia and allows a patient to go back to his/her daily routine without pain.

However, at WONJIN, we don’t always recommend non-incisional double eyelid surgery for all patients. We actively recommend non-incisional method for patients who possess thin upper eyelid skin as they get the most out of non-incisional method. Besides this, we would r…

How to treat your skin during fall

It’s finally getting into fall as cool wind is blowing after the long lasting summer. Last summer was just too long and hot, and it is time for us to calm our skin down from the UV ray, heat and sweat.

You may find that there are freckles and other pigmentation appearing or getting more significant after summer’s strong sun light. Your skin would more likely lose its elasticity due to sudden aging. It is easy to get wrinkles and rough skin as your skin has been suffering through hot and humid summer.

There are cosmetic products prescribed from dermatologists that is effective on whitening such as hydroquinone and retinoid that destroys excessive melanin pigmentation. The effect of vitamin C on skin anti-aging is already well-known.

Applying essence or cream that contains vitamin C can be helpful. Peeling is effective as it helps the elimination of dead skin cells and the excretion of melanin pigmentation, and laser toning is also popular recently which encourages collagen generation as w…