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Friday, October 28, 2016

Lifting, what are the lifting procedures we can start from 20s?

For today, I will introduce the lifting procedures that we can star from 20s, but I am pretty sure that you were thinking that lifting is a surgery that tightens saggy skin up, right?

Lifting is a surgery/procedure that improves on wrinkles and tightens saggy skin caused by aging, habit or the environment.

Most of people in 20s will be thinking “I can get them later on as I am still young~”, however the aging starts from 25…!!

So anyone who is over 25 years old can be a candidate for lifting procedures!
There can be people who were born with skin that has less elasticity or people who want to improve on saggy skin caused by facial contouring or two jaw surgeries.

So what kind of lifting treatments available for 20s?
We can divide them into two main procedures, one is lifting lasers and the other is thread lifting.

I will explain them in detail below

Lifting that we start from 20s – First, lifting laser

There are various types of lifting laser and I want to recommend pore tightening laser instead if you have saggy looking skin not because of the skin elasticity, but because of big pore.

Lifting laser 1-Pore tightening laser

Fraxel lasers are usually used for pore tightening and there are various kinds of fraxel lasers available. Number of people receiving laser treatment increased after the introduction of new laser that requires short recovery period. One of those lasers has effect of pore tightening as well as improving on skin elasticity by high frequency laser launched from the end of thin needle.

Another type of laser make the skin smooth by heat and this type of laser treatment is effective on skin that have irregular surface due to acne scars.
The recovery time can be shortened when it is performed with skin calming treatments or procedures as these lasers can irritate the skin.

Lifting laser 2, Ulthera and Doublo

It is one of the most popular lifting treatments between 20s. Lifting on SMAS layer that is under our skin is more effective than lifting the outer skin when the skin is lacking elasticity.

Ulthera laser, which is the only approved laser by the US FDA, allows treatment without any trace on the skin surface by exposing the laser directly into the SMAS layer.

Doublo, which has similar effect to Ulthera is a laser that has developed in South Korea which allows more convenient treatment as it could be performed under anesthetic cream, unlike Ulthera which requires deep sleep anesthesia.

Lifting that we start from 20s – Second, thread lifting

Thread lifting is a procedure which literally uses threads to lift skin up.
There might be people who don’t like the idea of this treatment because they think that the threads are foreign materials, however the thread that is used for lifting procedure is PDO thread which is used for suturing on our body organs. Thus it is safe without harming our body.

Also, thread lifting can have more significant effect than laser lifts.
The threads used for lifting procedure can be classified into dissolvable threads and non- dissolvable threads. We usually recommend dissolvable threads for people in 20s, so we will have a look at these threads in detail.

Dissolvable thread 01 Thread without protuberance

There are variety kinds of dissolvable threads and threads without protuberance are tend to be short and help on collagen reproduction after inserted into the skin layer which improves on the skin elasticity. It could be performed anywhere on the face and the thread insertion is mostly focused on the major concerned areas like smile lines, jowl lines and around the eyes. This procedure is relatively simple compare to other surgeries as it is performed after applying anesthetic cream.

Dissolvable thread 02 Thread with protuberance

Threads with protuberance also have effect of lifting as they have strength to lift the skin up.

Thus they have effect of lifting and skin regeneration like other threads because it has same property to the threads without protuberance. It could be more effective if it was used with threads that don’t have protuberance.

Thread lifting is more effective than laser lifts but there is slight swelling and feeling of irritation. You have to follow the precautions and check the hygiene and skill of the clinic that you are getting the procedure as it is very effective.
Maintain the skin elasticity of 20s after getting suitable procedure based on the consultation with dermatology specialist!

Before and after photo above was provided by WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP

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