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Hip-up Augmentation-Plain and asymmetric hip improvement

Nowadays, even if you are on a diet, you have to focus on adjusting the weight and keep the volume of your body and subtracting unnecessary fat only. In these days, everyone wants to have youthful face and delectable body.

If your buttocks are flat, your legs will look shorter and even dresses won’t stylishly. In last several years, interest in hip-up surgery has also been rising.
However, modern people have difficulty in exercising because of their busy life, and they are forced to give up after they do not have a quick effect even if they exercise.

There are an increasing number of patients who wants to have hip up augmentation to create a resilient hip line. In addition, asymmetric buttocks also can improve with hip up augmentation.

There are three different method of hip-up surgery- Implant augmentation, fat grafting, thread lifting. If there is insufficient volume in the hips, silicone implant will insert. The advantage of hip up silicone augmentation is you can achieve d…

Wonjin beauty medical group, prefer to have rhinoplasty with autologous implant.

The nose is located at the center of the nose and takes a big roll to decide the overall facial line. Because of this the interest of rhinoplasty for men has been increased not just women. Recently, artificial implant such as silicone or goretex has been used for the rhinoplasty. These implants can make the desired nose line but it can be cause of side effect or complication as it is a foreign body, so lots of prefer to have rhinoplasty with their autologous implant.

The autologous implants contain septum of nose cartilage, ear cartilage, autologous dermis and etc. These can be well organized inside of the body so it can make natural shape and it has less complication so it is best for the safety.

The medical team in Wonjin beauty medical group mentioned, “Autologous implant is getting from your own body so it has less possibility of complication and it can make natural shape of nose as it is soft. The hard feeling of implant and being absorbed as your skin is high so it is very s…

Blunt tip surgery, what are some efficient ways to improve?

The nose is an important part of the face in terms of function and aesthetics. In particular, it plays a big role in determining images. Because the whole face is balanced, the image changes greatly if the nose is changed. Asians are lower than westerners and there are many types that are sophisticated.

Bulbose nose, most of the Asians have, after trimming the cartilage smaller, suture the both trimmed sides. Ear cartilage or septum cartilage is inserted into nose tip to strengthen and make nose sharper and refined.

Targets for blunt tip surgery: If the tip of the nose is large and blunt
When the nostril is wide and the tip of the nose is flat
The skin tissue and fat of the nose are thick

Blunt tip nose surgery method: If the cartilage of the nose is wide
Trimming the cartilage and suture both sides to collect the nostrils. Insert the ear cartilage, nasal septal cartilage … etc to make tip strengthen and refined.

When the cartilage of the nose is spread to the left and right Tri…

V-line lifting , giving anti-aging effect to the skin exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Due to the ongoing extremely hot weather, there is nothing for the high degree of ultraviolet ray from the strong sunlight but to be the primary issue for avoiding among women. Without any countermeasure against the long time exposure of ultraviolet ray, there might be a lot more likely to generate skin troubles.

As collagen and elastin fibers which maintain the elasticity of skin get damaged, skin begins to droop and be wrinkled and even the aging process are generated by the damage of skin cell as well. Furthermore, since the ultraviolet ray increases the melanin pigmentation which results in darkness of facial blemishes, freckles, sun spots and all that sort of things, it has been blamed for causing the aging process.

If the symptoms of sagging skin and darkness of skin tone have been already shown, it would be better to get help from the specialist. As prevention for the aging sign is being delayed, the aging process starts to be accelerated. So if those aging signs are see…

4060 Things to know before surgery for middle aged class.

Lately the popularity of middle aged class who decide to have plastic surgery has been increased. Also the types of surgery for its class have diversified; Botox to abdomen liposuction and Breast lifting, etc. It is not limited to a double eyelid revision surgery due to aging or previous illegal treatment anymore. However, decisions have to be made very discreetly since all the procedures you decide change your face or body whether it’s a big surgery or an easy and simple treatment. It is not easy to revise or undo the result after surgery even if you are not satisfied with the result.

Things to keep in mind for a safe and satisfactory result without side effects if you are middle aged.

1. The majority of middle aged class is exposed to chronic disease such as high blood pressure and diabetes. It is mandatory that you discuss your health condition with your internal medicine specialist and let your surgeon know before surgery. If a patient having diabetes fasts before surgery for a…

Correct droopy breasts according to its shape!

Breasts are our body area wherein the shape and size frequently change, whenever we lose or gain weight. It is greatly affected by factors such as diet, breastfeeding, birth, delivery etc. Also, they tend to sag as we age.

Once the breasts start to sag, it is quite difficult to return it to its original shape and therefore, it is important to prevent this with thorough care. However, if the droopiness is progressed, then breast surgery is necessary in order to permanently and properly fix the breast shape.

Why do breast sag? The factors that affect our breast to sag are gravity, excessive diet, aging process, pregnancy, delivery, and the expansion and reduction of the mammary glands after breastfeeding. Many people apply elasticity cream in order to prevent the breasts from drooping, but usually, it has very minimal effects.

Why do breast sag? The factors that affect our breast to sag are gravity, excessive diet, aging process, pregnancy, delivery, and the expansion and reduction…