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[Plastic Surgery Review] Face Contour

Plastic Surgery Review
Surgery areas: Face contour

[Before Surgery] I wanted a slender V-line
I had orthodontic treatments, but it wasn’t enough for me to achieve a slim jaw line.
So I looked through several before and after photos of face contour surgery and made a big decision to get the surgery done.
Getting a V-line face is extremely important to me.
I am especially insecure about my side view, but eventually,
I’ll acquire confidence after the surgery, right?

[3 days after] Comfort of the recovery center
I was really nervous before the surgery, but I really thank the Nurse for holding my hands and relieving me by saying comforting words like it’s not a big deal as soon as I fall asleep.
After the surgery, I spent 1 night in the recovery center , surfing on the web with compression bandage around my face.
Everything was so comfortable during my stay in the center because everybody was so kind to me.

[7 days after] Swelling treatment starts!
Finally 1 week has passed!…

Narrow and small breast, add volume with natural looking tear-drop implants

It is not just today’s story that increases the preference for healthy and sexy body. So, more and more women got a boob job.

However, if you choose a wrong surgical procedure that does not fit you well, it may be unnatural and not satisfactory, so you should look carefully beforehand. In particular, it is important to choose the right implant to achieve the desired results, because the feeling or shape varies depending on which breast implant is inserted.

Therefore, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is attracting attention as a ‘Dual Chamber Breast Surgery’ which is one of the popular teardrop shaped implant. The dual chamber combines ‘soft gel’ and ‘safe gel’ to exhibit both adhesion and shape deformation prevention. The soft gel helps the implant to gently close to the chest, while the safe gel keeps the shape of the droplet even over time, which makes it excellent for touch, shape and deformation prevention.

Dual Chamber Breast Augmentation takes about 1H to 2H. After 3~4 days of recov…

Let’s find the golden ratio of facial contouring

For the square jaw surgery, there are nerves going through the jaw bone so lots of people feel difficulties to decide with the square jaw surgery.
Also the result of square jaw surgery shows differently depends on doctor’s skill so it is important to make a right decision. In Wonjin, as our first priority is patient’s safety, we are performing surgery without touching those nerves.

You also can achieve V-line shape of face through T-osteotomy to reduce the width of the front chin and make slender front chin line. If the patient have wide jaw line from the front side, cortical resection can be done to reduce the thickness of the jaw bone.

It reduces the thickness of bone to remove the outer layer of three folded jaw bone. This method can reduce the actual width of the face so it shows more result from front view. Also it can reduce the bone and the muscle of the jaw, you can achieve smaller face.

Also, there are aftercare program such as oxygen chamber or heal-light treatment to r…

Patients with Rhinitis/Sinusitis, Why do they look for a plastic surgery hospital?

-Why would people with Rhinitis/Sinusitis go to a plastic surgery hospital to solve? It is a painful season for people with rhinitis/sinusitis due to huge daily temperature range difference and fine dust with dry air.
Runny or stuffy nose causes headache and disturbs concentration. Genetic and environmental reasons are big for serious snoring problem and septal deviation also can be a reason.

“Are you breathing through your nose?” What are the causes of various nasal stuffiness? The main reason for a stuffy nose is rhinitis because of congenital or environmental conditions, and also septal deviation. Septal deviation is a disease that causes functional disorder when the nasal septum is deviated. Main symptom of ‘sinusitis’ and ‘nasal valve stenosis (rhinosinusitis)‘ is also that a nose gets stuffed.

Paranasal cavity is the empty space inside of facial bone structures around nose, and it’s called sinusitis when secretion of inflammation is stagnated.
Many sinusitis cases are ofte…