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Face Lifting in My Late Thirties

Now that I'm in my late thirties, my cheeks are drooping severely so I decided to receive lifting surgery. My sister received nose surgery at Wonjin and it turned out very nicely so I didn't research other hospitals and came straight to this hospital. After the consultation, I decided to receive V lifting.

I got the surgery on Friday and when I went back to work on Monday, my coworkers thought I just received Botox or something small like that haha My cheeks are now much better and my skin has improved as well so my friends are envious of me.

I heard that if you don't take care of your skin in your late thirties, you will look a lot older. With lifting surgery, my jaw looks slim and my skin tone is much better. I give V lifting surgery two thumbs up.

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Korean Plastic Surgery that the Chinese Must Be Aware Of 2

Many people bring in pictures of celebrities to show what kind of features they want. Some of the more popular pictures are of Angela Baby, Song Hye Kyo, and Jun Jiyeon. For the people who bring such pictures, it is both easy and difficult to operate on them. This is because they know specifically what they want but they might wish for a feature that is not harmonious or proportional to their entire face, and it is not easy to persuade them otherwise. 

For example, Jun Jiyeon's nose is straight, and during the consultation, it is important to think about the entire face of the patient with Jun Jiyeon's type of nose. It is also important to honestly state what kind of features you want in detail for optimal surgery results. 

Cosmetic surgery is not a surgery to treat an illness, so except for side effects, the success of the surgery depends on subjective judgment. In other words, if the patient is satisfied, then the surgery is a success, if they are unsatisfied, then it is a fai…

Korean Plastic Surgery that the Chinese Must Be Aware Of

[In Min Daily News] The Good, the Bad, the Strange
It's a fact that Korea is famous for its cosmetic surgery all over the world, and Gangnam is known as the mecca of cosmetic surgery in Korea. According to one research, there were 1,245 start up doctors in 2013, and more than 50% are situated in the Gangnam area.

Gangnam, Apgujeong, and Sinsa are known for plastic surgery, and there are various billboards and advertisements related to plastic surgery. These ads boast their before and after pictures, confidently stating that they are the best clinic, which fill the entire street.

Let's find out how to select the right hospital for you with Dr. Wonjin Park, head of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.

#1. Check how old the establishment is:
There is a high possibility for clinics that are recently opened to not have enough experience or have an unstable surgical environment. Also, the head doctor might have changed the name of the clinic many times so it is important that you check if t…

[Inmin Ilbo] Column for Dr. Wonjin Park of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

What is IN MIN ILBO?  

This is a daily newspaper based in Shanghai, China. It is one of the largest newspapers spread throughout Shenyang, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Kunming, Qingdao, Xian, Urumqi, and the main topics are articles related to politics, speeches by politicians and commentaries. 

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will present an article with the subject of "Korean Plastic Surgery that the Chinese Must Be Aware Of" starting this month, in July. This editorial began so that it can be informative to Chinese patients visiting Korea for the purpose of receiving plastic surgery.  Korea is now being known as the hub of plastic surgery all around the world. This column is to help those who are curious around surgery and related subjects. 

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Butt Lift Discharge Precautions

Discharge Precautions for Butt Lifting
There are 3 main surgical options for butt lifting: butt implants, fat grafting, and thread lifting. The method can be customized for each patient but requires a full understanding of the surgery to find the appropriate method. The surgery is suitable for those who lack volume throughout the entire body or the buttocks, have flabby skin due to aging or after dieting, or just discontent with the current shape of the hips. 

So what should be done after you are done with your surgery? 

-8 hours after surgery, meals are possible but avoid inflammatory foods (spicy, salty, greasy foods).
-Carbonated drinks and coffee is prohibited until stitch removal. Smoking and alcohol is prohibited for one month.

-Light showering is possible the day after stitch removal, saunas and public bath houses are prohibited for one month.

-For 2~3 weeks, you should sleep on your side.
-While sitting down, make the sure implant is not compressed,…

Nose Surgery

Real Story: Nose Surgery
My nose bridge was pretty high so it kind of looked like an eagle's beak and also a bit round and blunt on the tip. When I took pictures, I would always feel that my nose came out really ugly and it was a big problem for me (it also looked huge so that explains the picture below)

I never used to take pictures close to my face, but after I took a look at my wedding pictures for my wedding that is scheduled to be in February next year, I couldn't delay it any longer. So I just decided to get a nose job. 

I have always considered getting surgery but I was afraid and only envious of people who actually went ahead with their surgeries. There seemed to be a lot of celebrities that got surgeries at Wonjin, but the feedback were not very satisfying for me so I couldn't make a firm decision. But I thought "if it's right for me, I'll just do it," so I decided to get a consultation. 
The consultant was great and everybody at the hospital was ki…

Wonjin's Makeover Show 3

Makeover show "Tell Me Your Wish" with Korean & Chinese medical staff
Make your wish come true at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group 

Luo Hai Bin - Man girl

How did Luo Hai Bin Transform? 

She does not look so masculine anymore! Instead, she has a smooth facial line and feminine appearance.
A Customized Solution for Luo Hai Bin
Fat grafting - for the entire face  Double eyelid - non incision  Front chin Two jaw  Square jaw  Cheekbone reduction 

Her wish was to, " wear make-up like all my other girl friends." 

How does she look?  Do you think her wish came true?  We hope that Luo Hai Bin can forget about the past and not be depressed anymore. 

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[Event] Live Demo for Restylane Media

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group scheduled a media event with Restylane* on July 10th, 2014. The event held by Restylane included media from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. with a total of 40 people that visited the hospital. 

The event started out with the introduction of the hospital, then the introduction of Restylane, a familiarization tour, a live demonstration, and a Q&A session. Dr. Bang Chi Young, plastic surgeon, explained in detail about Restylane (filler) and performed the live demonstration of the filler. 

The visitors enjoyed the live demonstration, which was the highlight of the event. The demo included fillers being infected into the nose, smile lines, and a skin booster from Restylane vital. Fillers are usually for making the sunken and flat areas of the face more voluminous. The main component of Restylane vital, hyaluronic acid, has the largest particles, which are injected onto the face, causing a moisturizing and shining effect for the skin. 

The ev…

Cheekbone Reduction and Nose Surgery

Real Story: After Facial Contouring and Nose Surgery 
I feel anxious just thinking about my former face while I am writing this post haha. I am very skinny but because of my protruding cheekbones, my face would look fat and boated from every angle in pictures. Even with a little fat on my face, I would look as if I had an enormous face, so I hated when there was wind. 

I also wanted to try tying my hair in a bun, and I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to get surgery. My nose seemed a bit wide too, making me look manly I guess... And one day I met a friend who received surgery at Wonjin, so I decided I would go to the hospital to check it out. Rather than just advertisements, when I actually saw my friend who did it, went straight to the hospital for a consultation and made a reservation for the surgery the same week. 

Like everybody else, I was scared and anxious... and 2 weeks after... I shouldn't gotten the operation sooner! My boyfriend who was really against plastic sur…

Directions to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

[Gangnam] Find us easily! 

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is located at Pagoda Tower which is between Gangnam Station (subway line 2) and Shinnonhyeon Station (subway line 9). Please come to the 17th floor for your first time visit. 

Street Address: Pagoda Tower 17th Floor, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu 1306-6, Seoul 

By car: Parking is available in the basement parking lot behind Pagoda Tower. However, large vehicles like RVs, SUVs, vans, etc. must be parked across the basement parking lot. 

By bus:  

By subway: It is quicker to use the subway because this is a traffic zone

Gangnam Station Exit 10 
300 meters (5 min walk) towards Kyobo Tower
Shinnonhyeon Station Exit 9              700 meters (10 min walk) towards Gangnam st.

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Wonjin's Makeover Show 3

Makeover show "Tell Me Your Wish" with Korean & Chinese medical staff
Make your wish come true at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group
The story of Zou Ming Jia who had a protruding mouth  She was always interested in fashion and style so she was always depressed about her appearance.  With her lumpy facial contour and protruding mouth, her boyfriend kept telling her that she looked scary and old. 
Can she get over her fears and make her wish come true? 

The doctors agreed that she not only had a square jaw, but that her entire face was large in size and her mouth was protruding. 

She went through protruding mouth surgery to stick her mouth back inwards, and to make her face slimmer, she went through square jaw surgery and cheekbone reduction surgery. 

Lastly, she had fat grafting on her forehead to make her face less dull and flat. And her eyes that look a bit unnatural was made more natural with double eyelid revision surgery. 

Forehead fat grafting
Eyes revision surgery

Long Chin and Asymmetric Face

Real Story: Long Chin and Asymmetric Face 
I received two jaw surgery because I had a long face and my face was not even. And I went to many hospitals and received a lot of consultations. But I decided to come to Wonjin in the end because they seemed the most trustworthy. Two jaw surgery is like a present for people that look like I do. It's on a different level compared to pretty people that receive eyes and nose surgery. 

I'm really thankful and happy that a surgery called "two jaw" can change a person's life like this. It was expected but, my face is so much smaller now! I look like a cute girl now and I just cannot stop taking selfies haha I look so pretty and my parents are happy for me too.

It's been about 5 months since I had surgery and now I have braces on.

In the past, I never put on make up or got dressed up for anything. But now I love to go shopping and can't keep myself from buying new cosmetics. It takes a really long to get ready and now I fe…

Make Your Calves Thinner

Calf Reduction 
I used to work out on a daily basis, but now that I've stopped, I started gaining weight. I lost some of the weight by dieting, but my calves are way too muscular and bulky. What kind of calf reduction treatments are there? 

It is best to find out what kind of category you are in after accurate examination. A customized surgical method will be recommended for you. 

Types of calf muscles 

1. Inner muscle: When wearing heels, the muscle sticks out

2. Outer muscle: Usually caused from genetics and excessive work out - legs look curved

3. Inner & Outer soleus muscle: Legs may look curved and thick 

4. Multiple muscles: The inner & outer muscles are protruding and looks large overall

5. Muscle & Fat: Much muscle and fat which makes the legs look thick

For a non-incision method, the nerves on the calves are selectively blocked by using a high frequency energy wave. Compared to prior methods where the nerves were melted using various drugs which cause…

Have Courage and Change Your Life

Real Diary: Breast Augmentation


Starting from high school, I was always behind my friends when it came to my body and puberty. I was short, thin, and stressed about my breasts that would not grow...
Some time during high school, I got up the courage to go into a store and buy a padded bra. I wanted to look pretty so I stuffed socks and tissue into the bra like implants haha

Now that I look back, it's kind of like a fun memory, but then, it was really devastating for me... So I started saving up from 3 years ago and decided to get surgery. It wasn't easy to go for it, but I did.


And one day, I met my old friend that I haven't seen in a very long time and she said she got breast surgery at Wonjin! She was flat chested like I was before, but she became smoking hot with an hour glass figure. I was so envious because she looked so pretty! So when I saw her, my fear was instantly gone.

I immediately decided to receive consultation and when I did, I stopped having d…

Vaginoplasty at Wonjin

Why get Vaginoplasty at Wonjin? 

There are various types of vaginoplasty for patients with different needs. Today, we'll be reviewing two of the major surgeries that involve the pleasure areas of a woman. 

What is G-spot Surgery: 

The G-spot is located 3-4 cm inside a woman's vagina near the entrance and the is the main area for sexual pleasure. The G-spot surgery method includes injecting fat or natural collagen to increase sexual stimulation, and thus enhance the sexual feelings of pleasure. 

What is Clitoris Surgery: 

Similar in shape to a man's penis, the clitoris is covered in a hood. The size may be small but it plays a big part in a woman's sexual experience. For those in which there is excessive foreskin, this can interfere with stimulation and decrease the sexual experience. Also, secretions can get stuck and cause odor or irritation to occur. The surgical method involves incising or pulling the clitoral hood to provide a functional, healthy, and sanitary clitoris.…