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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Butt Lift Discharge Precautions

Discharge Precautions for Butt Lifting

There are 3 main surgical options for butt lifting: butt implants, fat grafting, and thread lifting. The method can be customized for each patient but requires a full understanding of the surgery to find the appropriate method. The surgery is suitable for those who lack volume throughout the entire body or the buttocks, have flabby skin due to aging or after dieting, or just discontent with the current shape of the hips. 

So what should be done after you are done with your surgery? 

-8 hours after surgery, meals are possible but avoid inflammatory foods (spicy, salty, greasy foods).
-Carbonated drinks and coffee is prohibited until stitch removal. Smoking and alcohol is prohibited for one month.


-Light showering is possible the day after stitch removal, saunas and public bath houses are prohibited for one month.

-For 2~3 weeks, you should sleep on your side.
-While sitting down, make the sure implant is not compressed, use a cushion and be careful when seated.

-Medication should be taken 3 times a day, 30 minutes after meals.
-Painkillers will be prescribed only when pain is present and should be taken in 8~10 hour intervals.

-A special symptom of this surgery is discomfort while walking and sitting for 2~3 weeks.
-Leave the surgery area as it is, and do not randomly remove the tape from the area.
-Intense activities (golf, swimming, tennis, aerobics) should not be done for 1 month after surgery.

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