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YTN Science Episode: You are a Doctor

[Episode 1: Eye Surgery] Featuring Dr. Wonjin Park and Dr. Daeseung Kim 

On January 9th, an episode was aired on YTN's Science episode, "You are a Doctor," starring our own Dr. Wonjin Park. Eyes are responsible for a person's first impression and depending on the size & shape, you can look very different.

If you have decided to get eye surgery, it is very important to consider your size & shape of your eyes. Not many people think beyond this, but it is crucial to determine the width of the skin on your eyelid also for eyes that best suit your face.

Although eye surgery is the very popular, correction surgeries are common as well. Dr. Wonjin Park says that stubbornly choosing to get "bigger eyes may not turn out well as patients think. It may also look less modern as the trend changes very quickly these days."

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KARA Nicole visits Wonjin Plastic Surgery

[Singer Nicole from KARA]
Singer Nicole from the Korean girl group KARA 
visited Wonjin Plastic Surgery 

Korean Nicole former member of the girl group KARA graced Wonjin Plastic Surgery with her visit. Nicole who is famous for being in the K POP girl group KARA made all our staff smile and her positive energy was contagious. We wish Nicole the very best in all her future endeavors, and hope to see more of her great work in the future. ^^

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Milk and yogurt for your health

Milk and dairy can help prevent osteoporosis.

Yogurt and milk contain Vitamin D, protein, and calcium which help strengthen bones. According to study results from the Harvard Aging Research Center, people who ate yogurt everyday had higher bone density than those who did not. 

The bone density of women can decrease rapidly especially after menopause. That is why it's recommended for women to drink milk and help fortify their bones. There are many kinds of milk and dairy products, but those with high calcium content and lower fat are better for health. Getting adequate calcium during middle and elder age is important to help prevent osteoporosis. Maybe have a designated 'milk drinking time' with your family members? ^^

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Applying makeup after double eyelid surgery?

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery Korea] What to do about applying makeup after double eyelid surgery?

Can I apply makeup after double eyelid surgery?
It is best to refrain from applying makeup right after plastic surgery.

Taking care of yourself after double eyelid surgery is paramount in getting natural and satisfactory results.
It is very important to reduce actions that could cause bleedingor swelling worse. Applying cold packs to the areas right after surgery can help make the veins contract as well as soothe swollen areas. That's why applying cold packs is recommended during the healing process.

Cold packs can numb pain in the area, and are suitable for those sensitive to pain after plastic surgery. To help swelling reduce while you sleep, it's helpful to sleep with your head in a slightly elevated position. Also, when resting or while being seated it can be helpful to keep your head tilted slightly back. 

While recovering be careful not to be too sedentary. Taking …

Hairline treatment at micro makeup clinic Medinent

Semi permanent hairline revision at Medinent in Gangnam
Hairline treatment at Medinent covers much more area compared to other permanent makeup procedures. As a result, it is more difficult to have natural appearing results.

There are numbers of cases of treatments being performed at less than optimal conditions and results appear unnatural. For these cases, revision treatment is required to correct and improve results. 

[Gangnam hairline revision at Medinent]
At Medinent in Gangnam, there are two main kinds of hairline revision treatment.
The first is hairline revision for severely damaged hair. If the original hairline treatment was performed by an inexperienced professional, then there can be large and small damaged areas. When that happens, the skin can become very sensitive, and the colors that were inserted can appear uneven or unnatural.

Since the skin is in a sensitive state, when removing the inserted colors it can make conditions worse. At Medinent in Gangnam, we use specialized …

Female wide face and short nose before and after

Wide face, short nose correction before and after pictures at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic
Surgery information : Facial contouring, rhinoplasty, fat grafting

<Wide face, short nose before and after Front view>

<Wide face, short nose before and after 45 degree view>

<Wide face, short nose before and after Side view>

*Please be aware that after surgery, general complications can occur depending on the individual including: bleeding, infection, inflammation, etc.

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From manly features to more womanly features

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic - Real Diary] She used to look like the Scream painting This is her plastic surgery makeover

Surgery information : Two jaw surgery, facial contouring, eyes, nose, lifting, lip corner surgery, filler injection for smile lines

Real Story Click!

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Different types of fillers used at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Fillers - Types of Fillers] Fillers that get rid of wrinkles,
filler applicable areas depend on the type of filler used

What are fillers?

Fillers are products composed of a variety of both natural and man-made substances that are injected into the skin for the purpose of anti-aging effects. Fillers (especially those containing hyaluronic acid) are effective for treating and even preventing fine line wrinkles(deep wrinkles). 

> The role of fillers
- Provides extra moisture to the skin
- Increased moisture improves skin tone and elasticity.
- Stimulates new skin cell production
- Aids in the production of collagen and elastin

> Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm) types and duration
- Short term fillers (6 months ~ 1 year) - (HA)Restylane, Juvederm, Yvoire, Perfecta, Teosyal, and etc.
- Mid term fillers (3 ~ 5 years) - (PLA)Sculptra, (PAAG)Perform, (Calcium)Radiesse, Pacestem
- Long term fillers (5 ~ 10 years) - (PMMA) Artecol

<Filler injection points: Points can change de…