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Reverse Sagging Breasts surgery, finding volume and regaining confidence.

There are a few people who are suffering from soreness due to the inability to say ‘Sagging Breasts’. In medical terms, it is called ‘Mastoptosis’ and it is not only applicable to women in their 40’s and 50’s, but also to women in their 20’s.

Sagging breast is considered to be a complex because it is a half of a feminine charm rather than merely a form of small and sagging breasts.

In the case of sagging breast, the causes are different for each age. Common causes of breast sagging include personal characteristics, pregnancy and lactation effects, rapid weight changes, and reduced skin elasticity due to aging. Those people tried to improve on their droopy breast through exercise, massage, functional underwear … and so on. However, those non-surgical method need to invest for a long time and results are not effective. Temporary patching up cannot solve the fundamental droopy breast problems.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, “Recently, skin elasticity and volume due to the aging of the ski…

The reason why it is good to lose weight during summer

By making your body cold, the brown fat in your body is activated so it is easier to lose weight because brown fat burns white fat. This is the reason why most people know that it is more effective to lose weight during the cold season.

During the summer, people sweat a lot so it seems like they might lose weight but it doesn’t really relate with it. But there are some advantages to lose weight during the summer. We will introduce the reason to try diet in Summer.

1. The active mass is increased Most of people are active more in spring and summer. The person who exercises outside is more active than the person who exercises inside. As much as increasing of active mass, the amount of calories consumption is increased.

2. Suppress the appetite We can usually think eating ice cream during the summer which is not good for losing weight. But overall hot weather suppress the appetite so the temptation to eat the food in much less in summer. According to the research, the person who …

Personalized surgery plan is what’s important for face contour surgery.

Face contour surgery was usually done on women, but it is gaining its popularity among men as well nowadays, as a lot of male celebrities appear on television programs with well-defined face line and small face size.

We have looked into the details about “Facial changes of face contouring surgery”, “Limitations in jaw size”, and “Most preferred face contour in 2018” through an interview with Dr. Park Won Jin, the head surgeon in Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital.

How much can you reduce the jaw size? There are several patients who insist on “the sharpest and the smallest jaw line” regardless of functional damage. The results are important of course, but safety matters, meaning the nerves should not be damaged. This may be a bone surgery, but the sensory nerves are dispersed within the bone, and if these nerves are damaged, one might suffer from sensory disorder in the lips and gums. Therefore, the surgery must be done within the range wherein the nerves won’t be damaged.

What ch…

A quick fix for thin and sad lips

Nowadays, lip surgery is most common and popular surgery in Korea. Today, let’s see what is different between lip lift procedure and surgery. Lip lift procedure is simple way to make a smile lip line with botox and filler. Lip surgery is a way to change the angle and direction surgically.

After lip lift botox and filler, you have to retouch within 6 months to 1 year, and as you know, you cannot change the shape as much as surgery. However, if lip lift surgery is scary and you would prefer fast recovery, it is better to try the lip lift procedure first. It only takes about 10 minutes, and swelling and bruising will goes down within 1-2 days.

You should be very careful when you decide to have lip lift surgery. Wonjin’s experience surgeon will design your lips based on your face proportion and angle and shape of your lip. After lip lift surgery, it is still natural look even when you speak or smile. The surgery will be under local anesthesia and operation takes about 30 minutes. Sti…

Kinds of breast augmentation surgery

Many people are planning for summer vacation to the resort or the beach. What people cannot miss on summer vacation is that it is a pretty and sexy bikini that all women dream of.
Does anyone have a problem with your anxiety when you see attractive bikini of various designs and colors? Please read this article carefully if you are considering about breast augmentation surgery due to your small breast. You can find your answers!

Every woman would like to have a beautiful breast and nice cleavage, but fear is ahead and many people feel afraid that is it difficult to decide the hospital and which implant is best for her …. Etc many questions. It is also very important to have a breast augmentation surgery for each body shape as well as the breast shape and position.. etc. is all different.

1. Fleshless and skinny It is the most common body type to oriental women. Most of these cases have fewer breast tissues and thin skin, making it difficult to obtain space for implants. Most peopl…