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Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Voluminous view from behind with Buttock Augmentation

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Voluminous view from behind with Buttock Augmentation
Elastic voluptuous hip lines are emerging part of the body as appeal of women. The hip has been growing interest recently. There are several ways to make volume on hips, such as buttocks exercises and various diets are being introduced to the internet. And also undergarments for those who suffer from sagging. However, it is only temporary.
Especially office workers spend most of their time in the same position as the students, and the force can be applied to the buttocks which hinder circulation. It soon piled on excess fat on thigh areas and causes the damage on body.

Hip-up Plastic surgery is not just giving volume on hip. From the perimeter of the hips and thighs, we refine the overall waistline. Hip-up using implants give the volume of the hips naturally absorbs the fat on the thighs and buttocks area and make ideal line. It gives the effect of elastic and slender legs.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group sai…

Face Lift before and after [ Real Experience story]

Face Lift before and after Real Experience story
This Patient is in
an age of what we called as a stage of aging. It destroys the facial
line through the fat is loss on the parts where needed and skin is saggy
where it shouldn't be.

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eyelid surgery in Korea Real Before and After Photo's

I arrived in Korea yesterday and was taken to my consultation immediately. I was so excited! When I headed towards the clinic, it was in the middle of the bustling but beautiful Gangnam St. and I got to enjoy the sights on my way. When I arrived, I was greeted by Ms. Moon, the translator, and was welcomed very warmly. As I walked through the clinic, I saw how beautiful and shiny everything was! I saw a lot of pretty girls walking in and out and that made me feel good about coming here.
I was greeted politely by many of the receptionists and staff and was taken to my consultant. She was so lovely~ She knew very much what she was talking about, and immediately saw my concerns. She was very fun and bubbly too. I took lots of xrays and ran tests on my heart, blood type, etc.
which made me feel like Wonjin is very thorough. The doctor was my final consultant and showed me in Millimeters what my procedures would be like. I look forward to my procedures tomorrow and can't wait to …

Wonjin’s Breast Surgery Specialized Center for Women’s Happiness

Wonjin’s Breast Surgery Specialized Center for Women’s Happiness

Get your breast surgery done and be confident in your bikini this summer!

1. Breast Surgery “Less pain!”

At Wonjin, there is breast care specialized center program for faster recovery and higher satisfaction. Usually, it’s possible to leave the hospital after breast surgery, but when the patient is in a lot of pain, we recommend staying hospitalized for 1-2 days and received pain care treatment. Most of case, the pain will be less after 3-4 days after but there will be discomfort for about 2 weeks.Especially, rising up the upper body or bending forward may cause severe pain, so it must be avoided.

2. Breast Surgery “Less scar!” “Capsulitis” for beautiful breast without side effects “Dermabond” for safe suture and less scar “Keller Funnel 2” for safe and less painful Wonjin’s implant insertion

Liposuction! Have a Happy Summer with Successful Diet!

Liposuction! Have a Happy Summer with Successful Diet!

Enjoy the summer with successful diet and liposuction surgery. Are you ready for upcoming summer?  As you know, summer is just around the corner and it is a season of lighter outfits and bikinis.  People tend to get weight gain during winter by having high calories and high sugar food.  Also, you can cover up with thick clothes during winter so it’s hard to see the bodyline.  However, now it’s summer and let’s get liposuction to enjoy this summer.

Let’s find out how liposuction is effective in terms of dieting.

First of all, do you have any areas that you just can’t get rid of even after a hard diet?  Everybody has different body type, condition, and particular habits, so even if you exercise and do diettherapy, there is a part that it’s hard to lose.  That’s why liposuction is the way to solve the problem.

Secondly, of course exercising and diet therapy is an excellent way to lose weight.  However, many times it causes yo-yo syndrome …

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Summer Event- Breast Augmentation

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Summer Event- 
Breast Augmentation Surgery

Good news, everyone!
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is having a summer event for breast augmentation surgery!

For those of who who wants and considering to have breast surgery, 
this is your chance!!!

Please check it out!!!