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Friday, July 22, 2016

Wonjin’s Breast Surgery Specialized Center for Women’s Happiness

Wonjin’s Breast Surgery Specialized Center for Women’s Happiness

Get your breast surgery done and be confident in your bikini this summer!

1. Breast Surgery “Less pain!”

At Wonjin, there is breast care specialized center program for faster recovery and higher satisfaction.
Usually, it’s possible to leave the hospital after breast surgery, but when the patient is in a lot of pain, we recommend staying hospitalized for 1-2 days and received pain care treatment. Most of case, the pain will be less after 3-4 days after but there will be discomfort for about 2 weeks.  Especially, rising up the upper body or bending forward may cause severe pain, so it must be avoided.

2. Breast Surgery “Less scar!”
“Capsulitis” for beautiful breast without side effects
“Dermabond” for safe suture and less scar
“Keller Funnel 2” for safe and less painful Wonjin’s implant insertion

3. Breast Surgery “Natural shape”

Every woman's breasts are asymmetrical, so at Wonjin, we do not just insert the implant and control about 10 degrees depending on the shape of the breast.  It is possible with Wonjin with 19 years of experiences and know-how.

4. Breast Surgery “Safe breastfeeding”

As a result, breast surgery does not interfere with breastfeeding.  Also, at Wonjin, we do not damage the mammary gland, so it’s safe for breastfeeding in the future.  The upper part of the implant will be placed under the muscle and the bottom part of the implant will be placed under the mammary gland tissue so it does not contact with mammary gland and also keeps the sensation of the nipples.


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