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Get ptosis correction to prevent vision loss due to blepharoptosis

Blepharoptosis is a condition wherein the upper eyelids cover half of the pupil or one uses the forehead muscle to keep the eyes open.

It is caused due to several innate or acquired factors that weaken the eye elevating muscle which lifts the upper eyelids, making the eyelids to droop down. Usage of eyelid tapes or glues for a longtime, rubbing habits etc., could be one of the factors that cause blepharoptosis.

People with blepharoptosis have sleepy impression since the upper eyelids cover a large portion of the pupils, and are more prone to forehead wrinkles since they raise the forehead to keep their eyes open. In severe cases, functional problems such as skin inflammation and vision loss due to droopy eyelids could occur.

Blepharoptosis should be corrected immediately since it does not only affect our eyes cosmetically but also the eyesight. If you’re having trouble with the symptoms above, ptosis correction could be the resolution.

Ptosis correction is a type of eye surger…

If you want to be pretty within short time, let’s find about petit surgery!

Now a days, people are interested in petit surgery as botox or filler. The satisfaction of patient is quite high as the risk of procedure is less as it is much simple than plastic surgery. The advantage of petit surgery is you can improve yourself with injection only not like usual plastic surgery.

Normally filler is composed of hyaluronic acid which is main component in human body. This doesn’t harm to the body, it is effective to improve with wrinkles and can provide natural volume on nose bridge, forehead and under eyes. The effectiveness is not for permanent, it goes about 6 months to 1 year depends on the person’s condition as semi-permanent.

Botox is injected onto the muscle to block the neurotransmitter, so it stops movement of muscle for certain period. It usually used for jaw muscle to make slimmer facial line. Also it can improve with wrinkle, calf muscle and hyperhidrosis.

This is reason why people are looking for petit surgery as cheaper price, short period of recov…

Plastic Surgery Review -Two Jaw, Face Contour, Eyelid Revision

Babe(22) surgical area: Two Jaw, Face Contour, Eyelid Revision

[Before surgery]
I want to fix my jutting chin and misaligned teeth! My biggest concerns are the jutting chin, square jaw, and misaligned teeth T.T
I had braces throughout my school years since 8 years old, but misaligned teeth were not improved much.
So I decided to get the two jaw surgery from Wonjin.
I really hope my concerns to be improved by the surgery!

[After 3 days of the surgery]
Wishing time goes faster~ I can’t wait to see the improvement after the recovery time passes. My mouth has to be closed, and it is uncomfortable.
I’m just patiently waiting thinking about me fully recovered soon.

[After 14 days of the surgery]
My facial line got much smoother, and I like how I look^^
After surgery, people say I look much younger with the defined facial line.
And I also could get my tiring looking thick double eyelids from previous surgery from other hospital revised to look more natural

[After 3 months…