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6 effectiveness of Green tea~

1. Weight loss Green tea is really effective to lose weight. Most of weight loss product or supplement contains component of green tea, it is because green tea has great effectiveness to break fat on belly area.

2. Dental health and prevention of halitosis After the meal, if you are in a situation that you can’t brush the teeth, it is recommended to drink a cup of green tea. One of the components, Catechin, kills the bacteria inside of mouth to prevent dental caries, and also it kills the virus which cause of flu. Catechin also sterilize microorganism, remove halitosis and prevents tooth discoloration.

3. Improve function of Brain Improving function of brain is related with caffeine. Caffeine blocks the activities of adenosine, helps to feel good by making dopamine and epinephrine. Also it helps to improve with the function of brain such as power of memory.

4. Prevention of Cancer One of the fatal diseases in the world which is cancer can be improved by oxidative damages, so g…

Post care for plastic surgery

1 Face wash Face wash is possible after stitch removal. When water goes in before the stitch is removed, the infection may occur, so to avoid infection, bath, or sauna is prohibited before stitch removal. And suggested a month after stitch is removed and fully healed..

2 Recovery management Post care management for plastic surgery is very important. In case of plastic surgery on ace area, to have minor swelling, have 2-3 pillows under to have the face on top of heart with correct posture. Please do not remove the bandage or gauze without any direction from nurse or doctor. It is to prevent bleeding trespassing, so infection may occur if we careless on this simple things.

3 Managing pain There might be a minor pain left after surgery which can be relieved with pain killer. In case the pain continues, contact the clinic immediately and get treatmen

4 Taking medicine Likewise before surgery, medicine or hormone pills which disturb bleeding should not be taken after surgery. …

Rhinoplasty with Rib Cartilage

t is one of the method of rhinoplasty. There are lots of different ways of rhinoplasty because everyone has different nose and situation. So we will discuss about one of the method which is rhinoplasty with rib cartilage.

Rib cartilage is from the rib and we also call it as chest cartilage. It is located at the front chest between rib and sternum. If you find ‘rib cartilage’ from the internet rhinoplasty comes as recommendation. So it has close relationship between each other.

Many people prefer to use rib cartilage for their rhinoplasty because it has less possibility of inflammation or complications because it is autologous implant. If you don’t have any complication with regular implant you can use it, but if you are worrying about possible complication, this can be one of the method for rhinoplasty

In past, they’ve used rib cartilage to re-make the shape of nose for those who had abnormal nose shape. Now a days, they are using rib cartilage if the patient had previous rhinopla…

10 Korean snacks & desserts you must eat in Korea [2]

Following the last time, let’s find out 5 more best Korean snacks that you have to eat in Korea. Please refer to Part [1]:
6. Bungeoppang (Carp bread) Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean paste. It is often sold at street stalls, grilled in an appliance similar to a waffle iron, but with fish-shaped molds. Unlike its name, it doesn’t contain cruician carp, but the name of the flour shell containing the red bean resembles crucian carp. Although red bean paste is the standard filling, many ‘bungeoppang’ that are sold as street food are filled with pizza toppings, pastry cream, sweet potatoes, chocolate, and so on. 

7. Hotteok (Korean pancake)
The dough for ‘Hotteok’ is made from wheat flour, water, milk, surger, and yeast. The dough is allowed to rise for several hours. Handful-size balls of this stiff dough are filled with a sweet mixture, which may contain brown sugar, honey…

How to make nasolabial folds disappear with filler injection!

Many people care a lot about nasolabial folds since they are hard to get rid of once they start to appear. Its cause is usually due to sagging skin as we age, but our lifestyle habits, environment and genetic factors can also affect its development. This is why a lot of people are interested in nasolabial fold-related procedures, and one of the simplest resolutions is filler injection.

Smile line procedure is which filler is injected on the sunken areas along the alar and lip corner in order to create a softer impression. It also makes the mouth look less protruded since by filling in the folds. People think it’s ok to get the procedure done in any kind of clinics because of the stereotype that filler injections are easy and simple, but it is very important to consult a specialist since all people have different facial structures.

The types and amount of fillers are decided based on the depth of the nasolabial folds. If excessive amounts are injected, the face may look quite awkward a…

Travel to Gyeonju which is the area for Korean history

Long time ago, Gyeongju was a capital city during Silla Dynasty so it has lots of precious cultural heritage. Silla Dynasty has thousands of history from the beginning to the end. Therefore as Gyeongju was the capital city during that time, it has lots of cultural heritage as much as we can call the city as cultural asset. We will introduce few place that you must go and visit.

1. Cheomseongdae - Cheomseongdae is the oldest astronomical observatory in East Asia. It is a 31st national treasure in Korea. Cheomseongdae’s beauty of curve is not fancy but it shows beauty of Korea.

2. Gyeongju national museum - Gyeongju national museum has 78,680 pieces of relics, 2,383 exhibition relics, 13 national treasures and 29 treasures.

3. Daereungwon - It is a tomb from silla dynasty The mound has a height of 12.7 m with a diameter of 50 m, and consists of a layer of rocks collected from streams. A total of 11,526 artifacts were discovered within the tomb, including Cheonmado, an artwork con…