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Saline Pack can treat Acne?

Now adays, People are saying that they could get rid of acne with saline pack, so there are lots of people who are doing it because it is cheap and there is no side effect with it. Let’s see how to do saline pack.

1. ingredients for saline pack The saline which is used for mask pack is not the one which cleans the contact lens. It has to be sterilizated saline solution which can use for medical purpose and doesn’t have an antiseptic in it. When you buy this from the convenience store or pharmacy, you have to tell them to give you for nose washing purpose.

2. How to do saline mask pack - Fully wet the thick cotton pad with saline solution. - Place those cotton pad on face and leave it for 10~15 minutes, then finished! Tip 1: it is more effective if the saline solution or wet cotton pad is cold Tip 2: don’t place the cotton pad until it is fully dried. Same as other mask pack, it is not good to place it more than 20 minutes. Tip 3: After the saline mask pack, apply moisturizing cr…

Functional rhinoplasty methods, correct the shape and rhinitis problems at the same time!

Since nose is located at the center of our face, it is considered as the main factor that decides the facial balance and harmony, depending on its shape and height. As plastic surgery is gaining positive recognition, the number of people who seek rhinoplasty for impression improvement is increasing. Also, “Functional rhinoplasty” which is a resolution to both aesthetic and functional problem, is gaining popularity.

The most common nose related diseases are nasal septum deviation, sinusitis and nasal valve stenosis. According to Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital, “When a patient has problems with the internal structure of the nose, functional rhinoplasty is recommended since it corrects the functional problems and provides aesthetic resolution customized on every individual’s condition at the same time.”

Deviated nasal septum refers to a disease wherein the septum, the middle area of the nose is bent and crooked, causing functional problems such as nasal congestion etc. The only solutio…

Proper skin care steps for thorough absorption

There are various kinds of skin care products just like there are lots of color cosmetics. There are more cases of using 3 or more skin care products than using just one. However, since many products are applied at once, the skin might not properly absorb it. So, I’ve brought some tips to prevent such situations.

#skin & toner & astringent The most watery product among the skin care products are of course skin, toner and astringent. Skin products immediately moisturize the skin after cleansing and help to increase the absorption of other skin care products which are to be applied later on. Toner balances our skin’s PH level, creates acidic protection layer on our skin, and can wipe out wastes and make-up left overs. Astringent has similar functions with the toner but has alcohol ingredient which has pore tightening and exfoliating effects. They’re used on the first step of skin care immediately after cleansing.

We all know that essence products nourish and moistu…

Effective diet food to reduce belly fat!

It’s so tough to start a diet. Particularly, the abdomen is an area where it is hard to lose weight even if you are on a diet. If you cannot keep on a diet for 365 days, let’s start by adjusting your diet. Half of the diet starts from the eating habit.

No matter how hard you exercise, if you do not improve your bad eating habits, you will not be able to succeed in your diet. If it is difficult to improve your eating habits right now, let’s change to foods that help to reduce fats. Don’t forget that you have to do regular exercise to help eliminate fatigue.

1. Apple - It is good to eat apples in the morning, even better when you diet. Apples contain pectin rich in dietary fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness, lowers blood cholesterol and removes fat. In addition, red fruit is helpful for dieting, and the more dark color is more effective to break down the fat.

2. Banana - Banana, which boasts low calories, is also a fruit that helps remove tummy fat. It is often used as a…

Wonjin Plastic Surgery, Representative Surgeon Wonjin Park talk about things that patients should consider before ‘Two Jaw Surgery’.

Park, who is a complex of ‘malocclusion’, said, “People around me are keep tell me that your eyes and nose looks okay, but you have a very pronounced jaw line with a jutting chin, and the appearance is not important, but most of my friends keep recommended to have two jaw surgery. I have never been worried because I was afraid that it would hurt if I had Two Jaw or Face contouring surgery, but after I entered a university, I want to be as pretty as my friends. It is said that it was the first time I thought.

Two Jaw surgery is higher difficulty level of surgery compare to other surgeries such as double eyelid surgery … etc. Every time I visited and have a consultation with several hospitals, my fear increases. For me, it was more difficult to choose a best hospital than to be courageous to do Two Jaw surgery.

Through the information on the homepage and surrounding word of mouth, Park went to Wonjin Plastic Surgery. After consulting various other clinics, Park decided to have an o…

6 foods which can calm when you feel bloated

When you feel bloated because of eating too much, stress, dehydration or menstruation, there are some foods which can relieve your upset stomach and help with the digestion.

1. Yogurt Yogurt has lots of probiotics which can help with digestion and absorbing of nutrition. It is good to take some low fat plain yogurt with some fresh fruit after meal as a dessert rather than sweets with sugar.

2. Ginger Ginger which is good for anti-inflammatory helps to relieve with bloated stomach with lots of gas. Ginger contains zingibain which helps with digestion by chagrined the protein if you have a cup of ginger tea before meal, it helps with digestion. Also, it can reduce the rate of cholesterol and inflammation in the organ. So if you keep taking the ginger tea, the digestion will be improved and avoid with bloated stomach.

3. Banana Banana contains a lot of potassium which can remove the fat on stomach. Potassium also can relieve the upset stomach and bloated stomach; it helps to manag…