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[Medical exchange] Conference with Medical Officials from Shandong Province, China to Attract Medical Tourists (MOU)

[Medical exchange]  Conference with Medical Officials from Shandong Province, China to Attract Medical Tourists (MOU)

Last November, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and the director of Shandong Provincial Hospital, China, Dr. Lim and six other medical officials decided upon an agreement to attract medical tourists (MOU).
This MOU was carried out by the Shandong Provincial Hospital located in Jinan, China and is one of the most highly respected hospitals in China spreading out across approximately 165,290㎡ with general hospital facilities as well as a plastic surgery.

Also, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and Shandong Provincial Hospital will work together to strengthen networks with related institutions overseas as well as to provide better medical service through the continuation of the medical exchange programme.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will aspire to attract foreign patients and medical tourism by working towards demonstrating the safety of Korean medical service and by making the excellenc…

Double eyelid surgery method: Non-incisional VS Incisional

How double eyelid surgery works? Double eyelid surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery, which is the main purpose of reshaped or creates lines on the eyelids. Over the years, double eyelid surgery has become more popular. This surgery is divided into two ways: Non-incision or Incision, you can see the differences below:

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery It’s more invasive because it cuts the skin and the underlying tissue.Ideal for eyes with eyelids with excessive or sagging skinIt lasts longer as a more permanent resultSlow recoveryA scarring of concern

Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery It is less invasive because it does not cut the skinIdeal for single or unbalanced double eyelids or who has no upper eyelid fat padLong-lasting results: however, the height of the fold can be reduced due to loss of age and muscle strengthFast recovery (No cut)There is no fear of scarring.

In WONJIN, we try to determine the appropriate surgical procedure according to the condition of each patient. …

Way to keep healthy skin during Spring!

These days, spring weather is very unpredictable, with dry air, yellow dust, fine dust, fluttering pollen, and even the high ultraviolet index. These days, weather plays a major role in causing trouble with those factors. However, even in this weather, we can save our skin dearly! Let’s find out now.

1. Cleansing
Fine dust with small particles sticks to the skin. Therefore, when fine dust is severe, cleansing should be more careful than other days. It is recommended that you wash your face carefully with cleansing foam and avoid exposure to fine dust when you go out.

2. Avoid from pollen There are many pretty flowers in spring, but there are pollens as much as those flowers. It is recommended to avoid going out if possible on heavy pollen days, but if you are forced to do so, wear a mask or glasses to prevent exposure from pollen. Also, if you are suffering from atopic dermatitis, you should be more careful with pollen. After going out, make sure to remove pollen from your clothes, a…

[ Awards ] Medical Asia 2018 Grand Prize in the Plastic Surgery Sector

In the 11th Medical Asia 2018’s award ceremony for Korea’s global medical services held in the Grand ballroom of The Plaza Hotel, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital has won grand prize in the plastic surgery sector.

Sponsored by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Tourism Organization and Korea-China Medical Exchange Organization, this Asia’s largest award ceremony is jointly held by media outlets of Korea, China, Russia etc., in order to invigorate Korea’s medical tourism industry.

This meaningful event credited Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital’s sustained efforts in foreign patient attraction and international expansion of overseas medical tourism.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital will continue to exert efforts in spreading medical tourism industry internationally through various yet specialized global marketing activities.

[ Extracted from Money Today, November 2nd, 2018 – Medical professionals’ detailed observation of pre & post operation ]

Double Eyelid Surgery and Ptosis Correction

Due to your eyelids drooping down over your eyes, have you ever heard that you look tired, even though you’ve had a good night’s sleep? Or if you are fed up of people telling you that you look angry all the time, continue reading! If you get an eyelid surgery with ptosis correction, it can be improved!

But first of all, you should be aware of what sets the two apart from one another. A double eyelid surgery, as the name suggests, creates a crease on your eyelid and depending on the style of the crease line an individual desires, there are two methods that can be used: incisional or non-incisional. On the other hand, ptosis correction could be best understood as a surgery that helps strengthen the upper eyelid muscle by fixating it to the fascia. Therefore, the surgery is commonly recommended to individuals who are suffering from ptosis.

Ptosis is a term that is used to refer to conditions that result in droopy eyelids. This can be observed when individuals have weak upper eyelid mu…

Effective methods to improve retreated chin

Most people’s concerns are large jaw, but those with under-developed chin agonize about their own flaws as well. Retreated chin refers to a condition wherein the lower jaw is excessively short or set backwards compared to the upper jaw.

The cause is usually genetic or hyposomia, but it could also appear due to injuries and diseases on mandibular joints which hinder the proper development of the lower jaw. Habits such as biting fingernails, thumb sucking and sleep apnea due to severe rhinitis could also be factors that affect retrognathia.

Retreated chin can create double chin, giving off a dull impression. Also, since the oral structure makes it difficult to close the mouth, inflicting strength to keep the mouth shut can lead to unwanted wrinkles on the chin area. Such concerns attract many people to plastic surgery clinics.

Surgery methods depend on the chin types and the most effective ways for chin projection can vary from genioplasty, silicone implant insertion, autologous…