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[ Awards ] Medical Asia 2018 Grand Prize in the Plastic Surgery Sector

In the 11th Medical Asia 2018’s award ceremony for Korea’s global medical services held in the Grand ballroom of The Plaza Hotel, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital has won grand prize in the plastic surgery sector.

Sponsored by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Tourism Organization and Korea-China Medical Exchange Organization, this Asia’s largest award ceremony is jointly held by media outlets of Korea, China, Russia etc., in order to invigorate Korea’s medical tourism industry.

This meaningful event credited Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital’s sustained efforts in foreign patient attraction and international expansion of overseas medical tourism.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital will continue to exert efforts in spreading medical tourism industry internationally through various yet specialized global marketing activities.

[ Extracted from Money Today, November 2nd, 2018 – Medical professionals’ detailed observation of pre & post operation ]

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital is equipped with medical professionals from university hospitals and joint treatments, providing customized system from surgery to recovery. Also, there are 40 specialist surgeons with many years of clinical know-hows on site.

Each patient’s functional condition is examined before and after the surgery through smart medical examination system, anesthesiologists who observe the patients all throughout the surgery, total care system for fast recovery and 1:1 customized customer service.

Moreover, systematic surgery system such as aseptic operation rooms, hypo/hyperthermia device, un-interrupted power system, central control managerial system, and nosocomial infection controller are one of the greatest advantages of Wonjin.

Wonjin was appointed as collaborative organization for Seoul’s medical tourism in 2017, and is continuing to dispense social contribution activities with international NGO organizations.


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