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Mesh Nose surgery, even possible to squeeze the nose tip

As much as nose takes important role to decide first impression of person, the interest of nose surgery is increased a lot as much as eye surgery.

A lot of people prefer to do nose surgery because it changes overall facial impression and the side view is getting more defined. Through the nose surgery, the confidence is increased because of defined and sharp nose shape, and it also can change the impression as smooth and sophisticated so the satisfaction of surgery is high.

However, as nose surgery is getting generalization, there is also negative prejudice like unnatural shape of nose and strong nose tip. Because of these people are concerned about getting nose surgery.

The most common way test the rhinoplasty is squeezing their nose. When they push their nose, the nose tip doesn’t move, squeeze or pressed naturally and have really hard texture. But now a days, there is a “MESH Nose surgery” which you even can squeeze or pressed the nose tip.

Mesh nose surgery is using advanced ma…

Breast Reduction Surgery

From a long time ago, many women have desired to have voluminous breasts. This was because ample volume has been considered to be the symbol of femininity. However, there are also people who suffer greatly from extremely large breasts.

The term ‘breast hypertrophy’ is used to describe the condition when the breasts are abnormally larger than the average. Women with this condition, experience emotional stress due to people staring at their breasts making them feel uncomfortable and in the worst-case scenarios it causes them to suffer from social anxiety disorders, also known as social phobia. Also, some people have larger breasts compared to the size of their body causing chronic back, neck, shoulder pain and other physical symptoms as well as restrictions that result in discomfort in everyday activities.

Breast hypertrophy is mostly caused by genetics. Most of the time, the hormones that affect the growth of breasts is overproduced making the breast larger than the norm. Additional…

Under-eye fat repositioning, effective on dark circles and anti-aging

Obtaining wrinkles and skin laxity are pretty normal symptoms as we age.
However, skin surrounding the eyes area is especially thin compared to other body areas, making our eyes more prone to aging.

Intraorbital conjunctiva loses elasticity as we grow old, making the fat deposits protrude from the lower lid. This often leads to what we call dark circles along the smile line and cheeks.
Dark circles or protruding fat deposits makes your impression dull and older and this is why related surgeries are necessary.
The most commonly done surgeries for the lower lid is “Under-eye fat repositioning” and “Under-eye fat removal”.

Under-eye fat repositioning surgery repositions puffy fats and removes lax skin in order to make the lower lids smoother, brighter and younger.
Since the above surgeries have incisions within the conjunctiva, stitch-removal after the surgery is unnecessary with almost no scar and the post-surgery recovery time is quite short as well. This is why a lot of bus…

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Increase Volume on Your Face with Fat Grafting

Using makeup to make your face look slimmer or contouring your face to hide your flaws has become a trend amongst people who want to improve their appearance.
However, due to aging or loss of weight through extreme dieting in a short amount of time, the face can lose its volume making you look tired as well as making you look older than your actual age.

In this instance, you can be treated with autologous fat grafting to add more volume to your face and make it look less flat.

Autologous fat grafting is used to add just enough volume to your face to make you look more youthful and full of life. Also, this is known as a procedure that allows you to kill two birds with one stone as it uses unnecessary fat from the thighs and stomach to inject it in your face for a younger looking appearance.

For autologous fat grafting, fat is extracted from the thighs, stomach and etc. Then using the centrifugal method, pure fat is separated and it is used to inject into your face. As this proce…

plastic surgery review : Face Contour surgery! #goodbye to ugliness #hello to beautifulness

Excitement(21) – Face contour surgery

[Before Surgery] My surgery day is just around the corner! I didn’t have much thoughts a few months ago when I made the surgery reservation, but now, everything’s starting to feel more real as my surgery day is finally tomorrow. I think it’s going to hurt a lot and I’m quite scared 
But for beauty, I can endure all the pains and I’m really determined for this.
I really surfed the web a lot for reviews, before-after photos and all information about face contour surgery.
I couldn’t imagine how pretty I’ll turn out after the surgery, and all I did was count the days until my surgery.
I informed my parent and friends about my decision and they encouraged me a lot.
I hope WONJIN can help me without a hitch!

[ 7 days after ] It’s finally my 7th day ! The only discomfort I have as of now is just eating normal foods and brushing my teeth.
I’m sleeping very well and I’m really happy that I don’t have to wear the compression bandage around my f…