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Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Attracts the Attention from Aboard

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Attracts the Attention from Aboard Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was established in 1999 and it had become well known plastic surgery clinic with a high affinity from the international patients.The name of our clinic, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group came from our CEO and chief doctor, Park Wonjin and we have more than 40 medical specialist.We have grown as the beauty medical group with dermatology, anti-aging center, stem cell research center, and cosmetics.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is so popular and famous that foreign patients visit the hospital for a tour when they come to Korea. Wonjin’s officials have said, “We have analyzed that it’s because our clinic has the same level of facility and services of the University hospitals and providing the customized personal care for all our patients.” Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has improved the quality of medical services by establishing an overall joint treatment for before and after surgery. For the convenience of ou…

Long Lasting Filler – Artecoll! Be naturally beautiful!

Long Lasting Filler – Artecoll! Be naturally beautiful! There are more and more people who prefer to get the filler injection for less pain than surgery and become naturally younger. Let find out more about the filler that lasts up to 10 years, Artecoll! Long lasting Filler - What is Artecoll? Artecoll filler which was approved by FDA of USA is also being used for bone adhesion. It contains PMMA ingredients which institutes bone, cartilage, and skin with scleroprotein collagen components. It is innovative material providing semi-permanent effect making up weak points of general short-time lasting filler. Long lasting Filler – The Advantages of Artecoll 1. Safety Artecoll is the only semi-permanent filler that’s been sold over 15 years which is approved for durability/safety to be used over 10 years. 2. Economic Compare to hyaluronic filler which has to be injected every 6 months, it is economically saving in long term. 3. Scarcity Artecoll can only be treated at 10 clini…

Still considering about Breast Surgery? Introducing Wonjin Breast Specialized System!

Still considering about Breast Surgery?  Introducing Wonjin Breast Specialized System! Wonjin not only enlarge the size of the breast, but also raise the confidence. You deserved to be beautiful and you will be! Breast Surgery – Process of Wonjin Breast Specialized System  Step 1 Medical Check-up for Breast Surgery: Wonjin will do over 50 medical check-ups to analyze the patients’ condition and body shape to plan the surgery. Step 2 Detailed Consultation for Breast Surgery: <

Rhinoplasty- Droopy Nose Surgery!

Rhinoplasty- Droopy Nose Surgery!

Obtain attractive impression with droopy nose surgery!

Droopy nose is one of the most difficult surgeries among rhinoplasty surgery. Therefore, it’s important to choose Wonjin, with more than 20 years of experience.

Rhinoplasty – Droopy Nose Problem 01 I have a severe droopy nose, so can I just fix the tip? Different from the short nose, droopy nose occurs when the cartilage on alar or septal is too long and too much. That’s why it’s possible to slim down the tip just by simply correcting the cartilage in the nose. Since the need to replace the internal structure of the nose cartilage is difficult to be corrected alone filler or a simple cartilage graft. For droopy nose, saggy cartilage needs to lifted up and fix securely to make the tip shorter, giving more soft impression. Rhinoplasty – Droopy Nose Problem 02 My nostrils are wide apart, so do I need surgery for that? Often people with droopy nose seem to have wide apart nostrils, but does not necessary requ…

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Commercial - Face Contouring

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Commercial - Face Contouring

Source: Wonjin Youtube

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Wonjin’s Cheekbone Reduction Surgical Method

Wonjin’s Cheekbone Reduction
Surgical Method

When cheekbone is protruded, it can make the strong face impression. From the front view, the width of the face looks too wide. In case of asymmetric cheekbone, the whole face may seem asymmetric. Find out about the cheekbone reduction at Wonjin for safe cheekbone surgery!

Cheekbone Reduction Step1 Precise analysis by 3D CT
Medical team precisely analyzes the patients’ condition and plans the surgery after consultation

Cheekbone Reduction Step2 3D simulation photo for designing
Real 3D Simulation photo for designing the after surgery

Cheekbone Reduction Step3 Incision through inside the mouth