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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Attracts the Attention from Aboard

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group,
Attracts the Attention from Aboard
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was established in 1999 and it had become well known plastic surgery clinic with a high affinity from the international patients.  The name of our clinic, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group came from our CEO and chief doctor, Park Wonjin and we have more than 40 medical specialist.  We have grown as the beauty medical group with dermatology, anti-aging center, stem cell research center, and cosmetics.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is so popular and famous that foreign patients visit the hospital for a tour when they come to Korea. Wonjin’s officials have said, “We have analyzed that it’s because our clinic has the same level of facility and services of the University hospitals and providing the customized personal care for all our patients.”
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has improved the quality of medical services by establishing an overall joint treatment for before and after surgery. For the convenience of our patients in overseas, there are professional coordinators in 9 different languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, and etc.
There are anti-swelling treatments and skin care treatments available after surgery so it is getting a lot of attention from the foreign patients since they can only stay in Korea for a short period of time.  Also, Wonjin performs a variety of medical examinations including preoperative clinical pathology, EKG, and other test for the most completed and safe surgery. Wonjin is also prepared with a 24 hour emergency medical team and uninterruptible power system for any emergencies.
Dr. Park Wonjin, the CEO of Wonjin clinic has mentioned, “We appreciate our patients coming from aboard. All of the employees are committed to serve ad treat our international patients with the best quality services.”
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