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Korean Actress Minji Song Visits Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Actress Minji Song recently visited Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. She is famous for her role as "Minjung" in the Korean drama "Reply 1994" that was aired a few months back, but she has been gaining popularity for a while for her cute and bubbly role in the play "Cat in the Attic." 

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4 Types of Non Incision Double Eyelid

As many may already know by now, there are 2 main types of double eyelid surgery:
the one with incision, and the one without incision.

The one without incision involves micro openings on the eyelid "without incision" so that the scarring and swelling is less and also has a faster recovery time. This method can be divided into 4 different types:

1. One Roof Non-Incision

The most simple method of the non-incision surgery

- Thickness of eyelid: for people with very thin lids 
- Double line: light or small 

The line is pinched only a couple times compared to the 3 times it usually is so there is a high chance of the double eyelid becoming loose.

2. Knot Non-Incision

The oldest method used 
- Thickness of eyelid: for people with very thin lids
- Double line: natural

This method is the original non-incision method, which involves tying individual knots so that there is an average chance of the double eyelid becoming loose.   

3. Consecutive Knot Non-incision

The most popular method 

- Thickness …

Trouble Eating because of Huge Chin

Real Story : Two Jaw Surgery
"I had two problems with my jaw - functional and aesthetic. 

My lower jaw was genetically larger and more sticking out than my upper jaw, so it was basically impossible for me to use my front teeth and also hard to chew food. I had more than one problem with the aesthetic part because I just hated taking pictures. 

Every time someone would look at my face, I wanted to hide my chin because it bothered me. So I lost confidence whenever I was around other people and had a hard time meeting new friends." 

     Before                                                                                        After

" My lifelong wish was to have a normal looking face. Now that I think about it, I've made a very smart decision by getting two jaw surgery. Right after the surgery, it was uncomfortable to breathe, but I got better pretty soon and I started eating soft foods. After I recovered, I could take in other foods like porridge and noodles. 

It's …

Minimal Incision for Square Jaw Reduction

Q: Hello, I am currently interested in getting square jaw surgery. I heard that there was a surgery with minimal incision. I'd like to know what kind of surgery it is and if the recovery time is faster. I need to know how many days I can get off work prior to the surgery :) 

A: The surgical method basically depends on the shape of your face, so for a more exact consultation, we recommend you to visit our hospital. Square jaw got its name from the large and angled jaw bone, which makes the face look bigger than it really is because of the edged bone right under the ears. Through square jaw surgery, the angular jaw bone is reduced and the frontal chin is slightly narrowed, giving the contour it a "v" shape. 

Not only is the protruding jaw bone reduced, but also the width of the bone so that the surgery can be done avoiding the nerves. With Wonjin's post care program that includes oxygen therapy and healite treatment, the swelling is less and the recovery is faster. 


Global Anti Aging Market Rising in Popularity

Recently, the anti aging market has been increasing in popularity within the beauty and aesthetic industry. In the past, people would search for the "fountain of youth" in hopes of avoiding their aging, and they were usually non scientific remedies.

However, in the 21st century, with various methods of treatments and functional cosmetics, medicine has developed over the years to be used for "living youthfully." Many apply functional cosmetics and also receive laser treatments for their wrinkles, some exercise and receive skin massages, and some receive hormone or stem cell injections. To receive these new and effective anti aging treatments, many foreigners are making their way over to Korea - one of the signs that Korea has become the global hub or anti aging.

In February, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was crowded with a large group of Chinese patients from the morning.  These patients have come to Korea to receive lifting treatments to refine their wrinkles, and also…

Is using rib cartilage for nose revision surgery absolutely necessary?

Is using rib cartilage for nose revision surgery absolutely necessary?
Q: I am interested in getting nose revision surgery. What kind of material is used for revision surgeries? 
A: After getting nose surgery, people may consider revision surgery for a various number of reasons. The shape of the nose may be different, the implant may be too high, the nose tip may be too pointy, the implant may be loose and move, or there might not even be a nose tip. 
Surgical methods may change case by case: 
1. Slanted implant - the implant is first taken out, then space is made to match the implant to fit correctly

2. Loose implant - without opening the nose, the implant is placed under the periosteum 

3. Michael Jackson nose - the implant and altered cartilage in the tip are removed, and the tip is made to look natural again using the dermis and autologous tissue

4. Nose tip contraction - this revisional surgery can be done using septal cartilage or donated cartilage, and after the scars inside the nose …

A New Type of Breast Implant

Dual Chamber Tear Drop Breast Implant

A new type of breast implant has been introduced, the "Dual Chamber." What kind of breast implants are they? 
Dual Chamber breast implants are a combination of soft gel which has a firm grip, and safe gel which maintains its shape for a long period of time. It is one of the most natural implants for breast surgery and you can maintain that tear drop shape semi permanently. 

Recommended for those who:  1. desire a more firm and elastic lining  2. desire implants that maintains the tear drop shape longer 3. desire upgraded implants  4. have a small frame and need a tight gripping type of implant 

Basic Information:  1. Duration - 1hr 30 mins ~ 2hrs 2. Anesthesia - General 3. Hospitalization - Same day  4. Stitch Removal - 7 days later 5. Treatment - 3~4 times  6. Recovery - Return to daily activities possible after 3~4 days

Advantages of Dual Chamber Implants:  1. The implants maintain their shape - even the large ones!  2. They don't sag or droop even…

Lifting for 30's

What are some effective lifting procedures for people in their 30's? 
People who are in their 20's~30's don't need major face lifting surgery because the skin is not sagging as much. Rather than an invasive surgery that requires cutting and pulling the skin, our doctors recommend a method which uses "surgical thread."

Thread lifting is effective for fine wrinkles, elasticity, smile lines, bulging cheeks, and a sharper jaw line. There are two types of thread lifting: the one using regular thread, and the one that uses melting thread. Both methods require a short amount of recovery time, and looks very natural.

One type of thread lifting called "V-lifting" uses medical thread that has 2-3 more times the spin, which is then inserted into dermis. The thread is pulled tightly, ultimately spreading the wrinkles with a semi-permanent effect. It is recommended not to get facial massages for 1~2 months and laser for 2 weeks.

For treatment times, reservations, a…

A New Type of Surgery has Emerged

Lip surgery to raise the corners of your lips 

Q: I am interested in having raised lips like the ones that Korean male actors have. I think it looks attractive when you look like you're smiling, even when you're not. Is it possible to have surgery like this? 

A: This surgery is for people who have sagging lips that make the person look depressed and not lively. On the other hand, people who have raised lips look bright and positive, so the surgery has the effect of looking young again and lively. As some might think, this surgery is not going to be like the "Joker smile" (if you know what I mean)

Surgical Method: 

The muscle that pulls the lips downwards is removed. Then the skin and the muscle is lifted upwards so that the patient looks like they're slightly smiling. The appearance is very much determined by the angle of the lips, so you need to consult a highly skilled surgeon who knows how to relocate the skin and muscle around the lips. 

The treatment time is 30 …

Bland Face Before & After Nose Surgery

Before & After 
The definition of a beautiful nose isn't just a "high" or "sharp" looking nose. The curve from the forehead, to the nose, and lips, and chin, should look natural from both the front and side view. At Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, we use a 3D scanner and CAD to form a customized and personalized nose for our patients. 

* Surgeries done: Nose, Facial Contouring

* There may be complications after the surgery so please follow the precautions

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Website Now Available in 9 Languages

Wonjin BMG's consideration for foreign patients

As the winner of the 2013 Medical Korea's medical institution for attracting the most number of foreign patients, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has recently updated its website for international patients. With the increase in foreign patients to the hospital and the variety of their nationalities, the institution has added 6 new languages to the previous English and Chinese websites for better communication and accurate information. 
The newest additions are: Russian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian. With the previous Korean, English, and Chinese, Wonjin BMG is proud have the most number of different languages available for a plastic surgery clinic website.  

Dr. Wonjin Park, the representative, says "medical service begins with having good communication between the patient and the surgeon. We understand that foreign patients may feel discomfort and anxiety because of the language barrier. Rather than focusi…

Keep Yourself Motivated During Workout 2

The 2nd set of simple tactics to keep you motivated during your exercise 

Step 6. Make a workout buddy
According to a study at the University of Pittsburgh, a woman who exercised with her friends lost 30% more weight than a woman who exercised by herself. People tend to become more determined when they realize someone is dependent on them. 

Step 7. Tell others 
According to a study at the State University of South Carolina, a person who uploaded their food intake and workout, lost 0.5 kgs per 15 tweets than someone who did not. If you are not comfortable with sharing your feeds to everyone, simply tell your friends and family. 

Step 8. Make it fun
Listen to exciting music, try out different workouts, apply games, and change the scenery once in awhile so that you don't get bored easily. 

Step 9. Buy a new pair of running shoes
When we buy new shoes, we have that urge to try them on and run. Getting a new pair will not only make you feel that desire to go outside but also jog in front of ot…