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Blood Vessel is the Key to Health! Blood Vessel Care -2-

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health! Blood Vessel Care -2- Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!
From last posting, we have discussed about the importance of blood vessels. Today, let’s find out about the criteria for vascular health and diseases that may arise when it’s not managed properly. <Criteria for Vascular Health> The criteria for judging the health of the vascular is the circulation time within the body.It takes less than one minute for the healthy blood vessel to travel through the heart, arteries, veins and back to the heart. However, if the blood flow has slowed down due to inflammation of the blood vessels and cholesterol, it will shorten the cycle times which will negatively affect the blood circulation. It can later lead to malnutrition or lack to oxygen since the blood circulation cannot properly carry the nutrients and difficult to remove waste toxins which can lead to substantial disease. Let's learn about the diseases that may appear due to worsening…

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health! Blood Vessel Care -1-

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health! Blood Vessel Care -1- Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!
Vascular health plays an important role in the body since it’s related to every disease. From now on, we'll learn about the care for health of blood vessels. First, we will find out about the importance of the blood vessels. < Blood Vessel is the Key to Health > On September 1st, the health information program called, The Lord of Thumb (MBN) have aired, 'The Secret of Ageless Blood Vessel’. Modern people are concerned about the incurable disease of various cancers, but often neglectful about the health of blood vessel. In fact, it’s so important to have a proper care since the blood vessel is the path of our lives and shows no sign of pain until it gets damaged up to 90%.
. < The Importance of Vascular Health > High blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and myocardial infarction are the common diseases occurring during the middle age.Among those, diabetes and high b…

What is good for eyes?

What is good for eyes? Beauty tips from WONJIN for you to be more beautiful! As you work long time looking in the monitor, and even when you take a rest with your smart phone, your eyes easily get tired, right? Let’s find out about the food to keep our eyes healthy. 1.Blueberry Blueberry is full of vitamin A and antioxidant substances. Anthocyanin expedites resynthesize erythropsin of retina for pupil to be more active to reduce the tiredness and dryness of eyes. 2.Dry seaweed
Dry seaweed combines vitamin A and protein to create erythropsin and this material senses light and protects the eyes. 3.Crab

BEAUTY TIPS- Causes of Pimples

BEAUTY TIPS- Causes of Pimples BEAUTY TIPS from WONJIN Causes of pimples Even for the people who have smooth skins, sometimes have one or two pimples. Let’s find out about the cause of the pimple and how to get rid of it !

It appears for people who have indigestion. People who like sweets and oily food and due to drinking alcohol, there can be stacks of wet heat in the stomach. Constipation and coprostasis can also be one of the reasons.


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01. MILK
Milk is one of a complete food that contains various nutrients. Protein, Calcium, Vitamins provide essential nutrients to brain. If you have dry and damaged hair ends, try soak and message with milk heated close to body temperature.

02. EGG
Egg is another complete food like milk. Abundant protein and fat in egg are good supplement for damaged hairs. Oral consumption is also good but we suggest mixing it with milk and apply it on your hair. Clean it after 10-15 minutes with warm water and you’ll feel your hairs much healthier and scalp less drier.