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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is good for eyes?

What is good for eyes?
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As you work long time looking in the monitor, and even when you take a rest with your smart phone, your eyes easily get tired, right? Let’s find out about the food to keep our eyes healthy.
1.     Blueberry
Blueberry is full of vitamin A and antioxidant substances. Anthocyanin expedites resynthesize erythropsin of retina for pupil to be more active to reduce the tiredness and dryness of eyes.
2.     Dry seaweed
Dry seaweed combines vitamin A and protein to create erythropsin and this material senses light and protects the eyes.
3.     Crab
Crab is full of taurine and taurine controls the peroxidation of polyhydric unsaturated fatty acid from ultraviolet effect to protect retina.
4.     Egg
Having 1-2 eggs a day won’t increase the figure of cholesterol, but protects the eyesight from aging. And also provides strong anti-oxidation nutrient to reduce the disease incidence of macular degeneration.

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