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Summer Event - D.R.P Dream Rejuvenating Program

No more wearing heavy makeup! You would like to spend the summer with wearing light makeup that looks natural? Don’t miss out this chance!

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the skin can be irritated and the body’s state of equilibrium can be disturbed by the strong sunlight. Makeup in the summer is easy to smudge so people prefer to wear light make up.
However, the makeup gets thicker because people use foundation or concealer to cover up their blemishes. So, many people are getting interested in having laser treatment or injection to maintain a healthy equilibrium and skin. Also, the recovery time is faster than having surgery and there is no side effect as well.

We, Wonjin, prepare a special summer event for you -!

Ulthera Laser Lifting that you know well aware of would help to improve the skin’s elasticity and vitamin injection would help to enhance the level of immunity. If your level of immunity is low even though your skin elasticity is good, the skin’s elasticity won’…

Tip for Self Home Wrinkle Care

Denaturalization occurs in collagen fiber, elastic fiber and so on which are located in the dermis layer by several factors including sunlight. Forming wrinkles is cause by fold skin because of loss of moisture and make less elasticity of the skin.

This is the signal of the aging. Wrinkles do not only occur in face but also cheek, under the neck and neck areas. There are many ways to improve the wrinkles.

There are lifting, laser and cosmetic product to improve but today, I will tell you the ways of improving wrinkle at home that you can do by yourself with natural resources.

1. The way of washing face

Using a cold and clean water will help to remove the dust, sebum and relieve skin. It is recommended to do twice a day.

2. Drink water steadily
Body is composed of more than 70 percent of the water so the water is essential to the body. Drinking of water steadily helps to prevent wrinkles and helps to maintain health. Drinking 10 cups of water a day is recommended.

3. Wrinkle improvement…

The way of protection Ultraviolet (UV)

Today, there is essential information for the season of a lot of outdoor activities.
That is how to protect you from UV.

Effects of UV on skin An appropriate amount of sunshine makes us happy and produces Vitamin D which we cannot create by ourselves.
A large amount of UV is the reason for skin aging.
When you expose on spring UV of high SPF, then Collagen and elastin which maintain skin elasticity will be destroyed.

The way of protection Ultraviolet

1. Sunscreen 

To start with, the first sun protection method is a sunscreen.
Wear a good amount of Liquid type sunscreen before makeup.
Also, it is important to reapply sunscreen consistently.
When it is peak sunny time which from 10am to 3pm, reapply sunscreen lightly every 2hours.
Using a powder type sunscreen, it will avoid a cakey makeup.
Tip: 1. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you go outside activities.
It is good to put sunscreen to the exposed part from sunshine not only the face but also neck, arms, clavicle etc.

2. Good to …

The Importance of Knowing The Pigment Used in Semi-Permanent Makeup

As the weather getting hotter, I bet there are lots of people who are preparing for holiday, right?
Many of you might have plans to go to the beach.

You often check your makeup in the mirror after playing with water all day long. And only then you realize that all your makeup and even your eyebrows are gone!
Another case is those who have to wake up early in the morning just to draw their eyebrows, not to mention that you have to make it even every single time.
I am here to recommend semi-permanent makeup to those people.
What is the first thing that pops out in your mind when talking about semi-permanent makeup?
Please tell me that you are not thinking about those old fashioned eyebrows tattoo that changed color into blue.

There are lots of people who didn’t know that tattoo and semi-permanent makeup are different.
That is why I’m here to explain the importance of the pigment used in semi-permanent makeup.

What is your concern when finding a place to do semi-permanent makeup?…

Direction to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Some of you might want to visit Wonjin Beauty Medical Group but are afraid and confused because you don’t really know the country nor the language, right?
Don’t worry! I’m here to help your visit to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group become so much easier.

1. Bus
Take the Airport Limousine Bus 6009 from Incheon International Airport. Then get off at ‘Line Number 2, Gangnam Station’ stop. Cross the road towards Kakao Friends and Giordano, then go straight to your left for about 200m. Pagoda Tower will be on your right side

2. Subway
About 300m from Gangnam Station exit 10 or about 650m from Sinnohyeon Station exit 6

3. Taxi
Please show this address to the driver
서울시 서초구 서초동 1306-6 파고다 타워
(도로명: 강남대로 419)
PAGODA tower 17th floor 1306~6 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu, SEOUL
4. Pick-up service

You could tell one of our staffs that you need a pick-up service. The fee for one-way drive (from Incheon / Gimpo Airport to your hotel / Wonjin) is 110,000 KRW and will be paid by you. The payment must be gi…

Breast augmentation review

I have really natural looking breast and my boyfriend doesn’t even know I had a surgery.
This is an interview for people who have breast augmentation at Wonjin.  *

Let’s have fun! Are you ready? You can wear any Bikini to enjoy the party! You will satisfy the result of surgery by shape, texture, size, and safety!
Breast augmentation review

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Breast a…

Acne? Take good care of your acne like this!

Acne is a skin inflammatory disease which comes with deep boil (cyst or tubercle), pimples in the closed pores (open and closed comedo) of the face, neck, breast, back and shoulder areas.

Acne usually occurs in their early teens, but symptoms can be severe around early and late 20s. It can also occur in their 30s and 40s.

Generally, acne disappears years later even without treatment, but if you do not treat the acne with proper treatment, there may leave a permanent scar.
Acne is not a life-threatening disease, but it puts a psychological burden on the patient. And serious acne can leave a severe and permanent scar which can lead to cosmetic problem.

Therefore, it is important to have interest in skin care and treatment of acne. Today, I would like to tell you how to take care of acne.

Wash every day.
I would like recommend you to wash the hair often and try to keep away the hair from your face because the oil in the hair can affect the acne.
That's why people with bangs often ha…