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Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Event - D.R.P Dream Rejuvenating Program

No more wearing heavy makeup! You would like to spend the summer with wearing light makeup that looks natural? Don’t miss out this chance!

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the skin can be irritated and the body’s state of equilibrium can be disturbed by the strong sunlight. Makeup in the summer is easy to smudge so people prefer to wear light make up.
However, the makeup gets thicker because people use foundation or concealer to cover up their blemishes. So, many people are getting interested in having laser treatment or injection to maintain a healthy equilibrium and skin. Also, the recovery time is faster than having surgery and there is no side effect as well.

We, Wonjin, prepare a special summer event for you -!

Ulthera Laser Lifting that you know well aware of would help to improve the skin’s elasticity and vitamin injection would help to enhance the level of immunity. If your level of immunity is low even though your skin elasticity is good, the skin’s elasticity won’t last long.
Therefore by having vitamin injection would help to enhance the immune system and balance hormones. Also, it helps to prevent aging process and improve skin tone.

“Chanel Injection” which is unleashing ambitious product from Wonjin! The product becomes famous as skin booster because Chanel selected. It is complex component that contains patented solution as cell regeneration, 12 different types of vitamins, and 23 different amino acids to enhance protein. It helps to improve wrinkles, skin’s elasticity, skin tone, pores, and make skin bright. It creates synergy effects to have healthy skin and enhance the level of immune when you have vitamin injection and Chanel injection at a time.

If you are planning to visit Korea anytime soon, don’t miss out this opportunity! Our door will always be open to you!

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