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What's lacking in plastic surgery advertisements

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic] Differences in skill not apparent in plastic surgery advertisements
A shot of espresso delicately mixes with white milk, and through a barista's touch a drink is made. When looking at latte art, one can only wonder how this beautiful creation was made. 
As someone who doesn't know coffee, I thought it simply involved drawing a picture on top of the coffee. However, the barista informed me that it's not simply 'drawing,' and the key ingredient is the 'foam.'
Depending on the ratio of steam and brewing methods, the taste and smell of coffee can differ. Making a delicious coffee takes much experience and know-how. A coffee that only looks good but does not taste good can be considered 'not real coffee.'
Recently, there are many plastic surgery clinics that only show 'good looking results.' Dramatic before and after pictures attract the eyes of many people. These ads only focus on outer appearances and promise "we…

Thread lifting before and after

Thread lifting before and after pictures at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic
Surgery information : Thread lifting, fat grafting

<Thread lifting before and after Front view>

<Thread lifting before and after 45 degree view>

<Thread lifting before and after Side view>

*Please be aware that after surgery, general complications can occur depending on the individual including: bleeding, infection, inflammation, etc.

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Double eyelid surgery partial incision method

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Eyelid surgery & Partial Incision Method]  Double eyelid surgery with distinct eyelid line and less swelling!

1. What is partial incision surgery? Partial incision double eyelid surgery makes double eyelids through a small incision and removes unnecessary fat and muscle tissues. This method combines the secure fastening of full incision double eyelid surgery but since the incision is smaller, there is lesser swelling and recovery is quicker. Also, for those with thick eyelids non incision surgery has a chance of double eyelids coming undone and partial incision method is more appropriate.
*Please be aware that depending on the individual, general complications that can occur after surgery or treatment include: bleeding, infection, inflammation, and etc.
"If you want double eyelid surgery with no incisions, we recommend non incision double eyelid surgery."
2. Partial incision features
01) Reduced scarring and swelling with partial incision Partial incisi…

How to slim and tone your legs

How to quickly get slim and toned legs!

Slender and toned legs are considered very attractive, and it's perfectly natural that women worry and want to get these kinds of legs. For women who have thick legs, it's very possible that they have looked up information on how to slim their legs or get rid of fat from their legs. Unattractive legs can limit the styles of clothes that are able to be worn, and you may not want to particularly show them off. This complex about one's legs can cause much stress as well as a loss of confidence.
As lifestyle habits have become more sedentary and the amount of people exercise has decreased, dieting has gained in popularity not only for health but aesthetic purposes as well. This posting will talk about dieting, especially for those who gain weight in their lower extremities easily, as well as how to reduce the chance of the "yo-yo" effect of dieting.

1. Do you experience the "yo yo" effect often? Focus on weig…

Double eyelid and nose before and after

Eyes and nose before and after pictures at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic
Surgery information : Eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, two jaw surgery, facial contouring

<Eyes and nose before and after Front view>

<Eyes and nose before and after 45 degree view>

<Eyes and nose before and after Side view>
*Please be aware that after surgery, general complications can occur depending on the individual including: bleeding, infection, inflammation, etc.

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Buttock augmentation for an attractive waist and hip line

Body Contouring - Buttock Augmentation
Buttock Augmentation for an attractive waist line and legs

1. What is buttock augmentation?
A firm and shapely buttocks is a key part of an attractive backside. There are many women who have concerns about their buttocks. A flat buttocks can make the legs appear shorter, and can make a woman feel less feminine. That is why buttock augmentation plastic surgery is available to help women feel more attractive about themselves.

"You can't have an S line without a firm and attractive butt"
<Appropriate cases for buttock augmentation>
In addition to the types of appropriate cases shown above, here are more appropriate cases for buttock augmentation.
> Those who have lost volume in their buttocks due to diet or exercise > Those whose backside is indistinguishable from their front > Those who wish to have a more curvaceous body line > Those who have asymmetrical buttocks and want functional improvements
2. Buttock augmentation at Won…

The dramatically changed life of the 'Masked Woman'

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, Gives “Radish” as a Gift to Masked Woman

On the 25th, the amazing transformation of the ‘masked woman’ was broadcasted on Martian X on tvN. It was a shock to see the side effects of illegal plastic surgery, and her model teeth made using super glue, but with dental treatment and revision surgery, the new life of masked woman Yang Hye Ran was broadcasted.

Dr. Kim Young Joon, at Wonjin Dental Clinic, who treated Yang Hye Ran, said, “the gum was damaged so badly that implants were almost impossible, but hard effort, we were able to put implants. Currently, 90% of work is done and her jaw can function almost like a normal person’s and it is a relief.”

Dr. Park Won Jin of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, who performed the revision surgery, said, “we removed the industrial silicone from her entire facial area and lifted the drooping cheeks with acusculpt laser. Also, with philtrum reduction, we tried to create a more balanced face. The treatment is not…

Custom non incision eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery - Non incision
There are multiple types of non incision surgeries Custom non incision eyelids for me

1. Eyelid surgery - What is non incision?
What is non incision eyelid surgery? It is a surgery that creates double eyelids without incising the skin. Instead, tiny opening are made during surgery. There is very little swelling and so recovery time is quick and results look natural. However, since the double eyelid line is held with threads, there is the possibility that it can come undone at a later time.

Thus, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has a variety of non incision methods available to help patients get the double eyelid line they want. The most appropriate and customized surgery methods are available to minimize the chance of double eyelids coming undone.

2. There are different types of non incision surgery?
Non incision eyelid surgery is commonly referred to as the 'pinch method.' However, there are 4 non incision methods that vary depending on the 'pinch m…