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Double eyelid surgery partial incision method

[Wonjin Plastic Surgery Eyelid surgery & Partial Incision Method] 
Double eyelid surgery with distinct eyelid line and less swelling!  

1. What is partial incision surgery?
Partial incision double eyelid surgery makes double eyelids through a small incision and removes unnecessary fat and muscle tissues. This method combines the secure fastening of full incision double eyelid surgery but since the incision is smaller, there is lesser swelling and recovery is quicker. Also, for those with thick eyelids non incision surgery has a chance of double eyelids coming undone and partial incision method is more appropriate.

*Please be aware that depending on the individual, general complications that can occur after surgery or treatment include: bleeding, infection, inflammation, and etc.

"If you want double eyelid surgery with no incisions, we recommend non incision double eyelid surgery."

2. Partial incision features

01) Reduced scarring and swelling with partial incision
Partial incision method combines the strengths of non-incision + incision methods. A small incision of 2~3mm is made and unnecessary fat and muscle tissues are removed. Compared to non incision, the chance of eyelids coming undone is smaller , and the eyelids are fastened more securely.

02) A slim eyelid through removal of excess fat tissue
While non incision method is suitable for thin eyelids, partial incision is appropriate for thick eyelid cases. Removal of unnecessary fat tissues also provides a slimming effect to the eyelids.

3. Partial incision double eyelid surgery is appropriate for these people.

4. Partial incision surgical process

> An incision point (3mm) is made and unnecessary fat and muscle tissues are removed.

> The muscles used to lift the eyes are fastened and the double eyelid line appears natural.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, the patient's physical condition and desired eyelids are thoroughly discussed through consultation and the most appropriate double eyelid line is designed. Depending on the individual's eyes, ptosis correction, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty surgeries can also be performed for more satisfactory results.

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  1. Blepharoplasty is basically a lid tuck, removing fatty deposits or tightening loose skin around the eyes to NOT obstruct your field of vision


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