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There is a golden ratio for the eyes?

There is a golden ratio for the eyes?
Eyelid plastic surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries.
The eyes have a big influence on a person’s impression. Even slight improvements can make a big impact in improving how a person appears.
In addition, compared to other plastic surgeries, eyelid plastic surgery has a shorter recovery period and is relatively cheaper. For a long time, many women have ranked eyelid plastic surgery as the no. 1 cosmetic surgery they would like to get. 

As eyelid plastic surgeries have become more commonplace, at the same time the number of revision surgeries and dissatisfactory cases has risen.
Plastic surgeon Park Wonjin (Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic) will explain the correct procedure for eyelid plastic surgery as well as points to consider.

▶ 1:1:1 Golden Ratio

The golden ratio commonly refers to the most beautiful, proportional, and safest ratio.
Attractive eyes have a golden ratio as well. When looking at celebrities with beautiful eyes, they all…

Appropriate breast implant types

Appropriate breast implant types 

Here are the features of the types of breast implants available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic
1. Cohesive gel
Cohesive gel breast implants are widely used not only in Korea but also worldwide. They have been FDA approved since 2006 and received KFDA approval in July 2007 making it a safe implant to use. Previous silicone bags had a chance of leakage after surgery, but cohesive gel implants being made of a gelatin type will stay together and not leak even after being cut in half.
Cohesive gel implants have been widely used not only for their safety, but also for their requiring less management after surgery. Cohesive gel implants are superior in many aspects compared to other implant types.

2. Breast implant types / features

01 Smooth Type
The most common type of implant made up of translucent silicone. Smooth implants can move freely around the breast pocket which results in natural movements and bounce of breasts.

02 Textured Type

Similar to a SMOOTH TYPE…

Protruding jaw surgery for jaw and facial outline improvements at once!

Protruding jaw surgery for jaw and facial outline improvements at once!

1. What is Protruding jaw surgery?

When the lower jaw or lips appear protruding, thus making the face appear longer it is referred to as a protruding jaw. Protruding jaw cases include chin asymmetry, entire lower jaw protrusion, among other asymmetries. In severe cases, there can be malocclusion in the teeth which can affect eating as well as speaking habits.

2. Protruding jaw appropriate cases

<Representative protruding jaw types - Protruding lower jaw or long face, long and asymmetric face>
1. Facial shape is long and narrow. 2. Jaw area appears longer than the center of the face. 3. Lower set of teeth protrude more than the upper teeth. 4. Lower jaw protrudes more than the lips. 5. The center of the face appears sunken due to a recessed nose area. 6. Unable to cut noodles with the front teeth. 7. Trouble when pronouncing certain sounds.
3. Protruding jaw types
*Be aware that depending on the individual, general compli…

Protruding lips before and after

Protruding lips before and after
Surgery information : Facial contouring(square jaw reduction, Front chin surgery) Two jaw surgery <Protruding lips before and after Front view>  <Protruding lips before and after45 degree view>
<Protruding lips before and after Side view>
 * Please be aware that depending on the individual, general complications can arise after surgery including bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc. For treatment times, reservations, and enquiries come check out our website Website :
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Things to know about Propofol

Things to know about Propofol

> Propofol is a dangerous drug?

Propofol has been in the news lately as a drug that celebrities get addicted to.
Ever since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009 due to a Propofol overdose, famous Korean celebrities have been found to be addicted to the same drug.

In various news broadcasts, the words 'narcotic', 'addict, 'investigation' have shown up next to celebrity names. It makes it appear as if these celebrities have become addicted to narcotics. For this reason, everyday people who do not have much information about Propofol classify it as a very dangerous drug that is easy to get addicted to.

Compared to TV, news spreads much faster on the internet. Everyday people who are not experts on medicine discuss what they have seen or heard on TV through various channels such as blogs and social media.

It feels as if Propofol has become the most dangerous narcotic in Korea. However, it should be asked whether Propofol is really this dangero…

Misconceptions about rhinoplasty

Misconceptions about rhinoplasty

Recently Ms. Kwon Hyekyung (alias, 24) received rhinoplasty. Her nose tip was wide and gave her a dull appearance. She wanted a more refined look and decided to get rhinoplasty. However, the people around her commented that her nose tip became red whenever she went outside.
Most aesthetic surgeries are received during the cold winter month. With the extended holidays and long recovery time required after surgeries, it is much more efficient to get surgeries when the weather is cooler. However, there are some misconceptions that people have.
With the help of plastic surgery expert Dr. Park Wonjin (Gangnam Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic) we will learn more about these plastic surgery misconceptions.
Incorrect information about post rhinoplasty operation

- If the weather is cold, the nose tip can appear red
This is the most common misconception about rhinoplasty. Even if you did not get your nose done, the nose tip becoming red in the cold winter is a normal occu…

Improve face contour and volume at once! Recessed chin plastic surgery

Improved face contour and volume! Recessed chin plastic surgery

1. Recessed chin? When the jaw is short or appears pushed inwards and sunken, it can make it appear as if the chin were recessed.The recessed chin can also make the distance from the lips and chin to appear short. Since the chin is recessed, the lips can appear protruding. Recessed chin corrective surgery is necessary to improve the appearance of the chin, improve total facial contour, as well as positively improve one's facial impression. The surgical method can either be fracturing the chin or to place a silicone chin implant. Both methods involve an oral incision so little to no worrying about scars.
< Ideal facial structure >
01. Facial width is small and slender. 02. Ideal jaw length should be in a ratio of 0.8:1, with 1 being the horizontal length above the eyebrows. 03. The chin is short and slim. 04. The line from the nose tip extending to the tip of the chin or 'beauty line.' Using this line as a refere…

Wonjin two jaw 4D diagnostic exam system

Wonjin two jaw surgery - 4D diagnostic exam system Lets find out about Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic's 4D exclusive diagnostic examination system!
4D diagnostic exam system
For two jaw surgery the nerves, blood vessels, and of course facial bone structures must be carefully located for accurate surgery. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has a 4D diagnostic examination system set up to minimize the chance of errors to help you find your inner beauty.

01.3D CT and ST model production Precise data collection & analysis

3D-CT This special device can determine hard to locate nerve dispersion, placement, size, and thickness of bone for more accurate data diagnosis.
ST(Simulation Two-Jaw)model production After the 3D-CT is taken, the data is used to locate the jaw joint location, size, state of occlusion, and the patient's frame before surgery is designed.

02.InVivo Dental, Simulation Operation Prediction Program(SOPP)Diagnostic exam & Surgery planning
InVivo Dental This is used in numerous…

Male facial contouring, male rhinoplasty before & after pictures

Male facial contouring, male rhinoplasty before & after pictures
Surgery information : Facial contouring, Rhinoplasty
<Picture source : Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic>

<Facial contouring + Rhinoplasty Front view Before & after pictures>
<Facial contouring + Rhinoplasty 45 degree view Before & after pictures>
<Facial contouring + Rhinoplasty Side view Before & after pictures>
* Please be aware that depending on the individual, general complications can arise after surgery including bleeding, inflammation, infection, etc.

For treatment times, reservations, and enquiries come check out our website

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Worried about saggy cheeks after cheekbone surgery?

Worried about saggy cheeks after cheekbone surgery?
Many women visit plastic surgery clinics and decide on cheekbone reduction surgery to make a small and slender face. However, deciding on cheekbone surgery is not an easy choice the reason is.. because there is concern that cheeks can become saggy after cheekbone surgery. <Picture source : Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic> Saggy cheeks are the most worried about complication after cheekbone surgery. Saggy cheeks occur when there is space between the skin tissues and fractured bone is not completely settled.

1. Surgical method to prevent saggy cheeks
Cheekbone reduction surgery that has an incision point in the mouth and dual fastening the cheekbones is the best way to prevent sagging cheeks.

> Oral incision to prevent saggy cheeks
Cheekbone reduction surgery (3D cheekbone surgery) involves a tiny 4~5mm incision made inside the mouth and the sideburns. Also, an endoscope is used before surgery to accurately determine the surgical area for…

How to quickly reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery

How to quickly reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery
Double eyelid surgeries are commonly received during the winter holidays. As the New Year approaches, many women plan to make their eyes more attractive with double eyelid surgery
and there are many who eagerly count the days until they can become more beautiful.
Double eyelid surgery can make eyes bigger and wider, but many women worry about the swelling that occurs afterwards. Swelling is unavoidable after surgery. Is there a way to make swelling reduce quickly? Let’s find out how to make swelling quickly go away as well as proper steps to manage eyelids after surgery.

Why does swelling occur after double eyelid surgery?
Double eyelid surgery involves artificially creating a double eyelid line and there can be damage to the surrounding tissues. When veins and cells become damaged, the veins become more permeable to bodily fluids. This causes the eyelids to become bruised and swollen after surgery.

1. The point of massages is timing! …