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Why does make up become patchy and cakey in between seasons?

Why does make up become patchy and cakey in between seasons?

How do you get rid of dead skin cells on dry skins? When the dead skin cells are visible on face, it doesn’t look good and the makeup become patchy and cakey.

Remaining dead skin cells cause skin trouble due to blocking pores!

Especially in winter season, when the weather is very dry and the skin is lack of moisture, ‘scrub type’ of peeling can have bad effect than good. Scrub type of peeling will damage the outer layer of skin.

Dr.Jin Brightening Peel not only makes the improvement on skin tone by peeling off the dead skin cells without damaging the skin, but also strengthens the ability of peeling for long term~!

Depending on the skin condition, apply for 5 minutes once or twice a week and feel the change of skin tone and texture!
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Experience of liposuction surgery in Korea

Experience of liposuction surgery

Now, the compression garment feels like it’s a part of my body. Today, I had a Tenor high frequency treatment and during the treatment, I felt asleep because it was so relaxing. After the treatment, I felt so refreshing and my body felt lighter. My body line has changed so much since the operation but I was told that it would further get slimmer with continuous treatment in a combination of working out I should work out more and eat healtheir! 3 days after
I over the fear and safely got the operation done. I feel sluggish due to swelling but I’m so happy anticipating myself being in a good shape soon. 7 days after
The pain is much better now and finally I can take a shower. Without the compression garment, I still have some swelling but it definitely got slimmer. I went to school for the first time after the operation and everyone was so surprised how slimmer I got! But nobody knew I had a liposuction. I feel so good. I can’t believe my body sha…

Did you know that your health status varies according to where you get your acne?

Did you know that your health status varies according to whenre you get your acne?

People believe that they are having acne on their face. However, you may have acne on the back, neck, scalp and area where it has the sebaceous glands. You may check your health due to the location of your acne. Having acne is the warning sign from your health condition from your organ.Let's find out more about it.
The location of Acne - cheek acne The pore on the cheek is smaller and thinner than acne in T-zone area thus it gets a scar easily. It bothers us to improve. The acne on the cheek is linked to the liver and stomach or when you eat too sweet and oily food and have constipation problems. Acne on your cheek also means your lung is being unhealthy or you have too much heat on your body. Avoid smoking is helfup to improve
your skin due to clean our organs. Try to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables - especially green vegetables. It will be hlep you to have improve acne on the che…

We restore your droopy breast after giving childbirth

We restore your droopy breast after giving childbirth

Birth is the greatest gift from God. Birth is blessings and enlightening gift to individuals who are becoming parents, which entitles them with responsibilities. Therefore, people want to raise their children strong and fit. This forces many parents to research ways to raise their children, and methods for better education for their future. Breast- feeding provides significant developmental properties such as immunity and vital functions of the brain.

Negative side is that breast feeding sag the breast. It may not affect everyone, but it will bring deformation and changes to every angle of the breasts, and child being fed from the bottom, cause deformation of the breasts. Many new mothers change their bra to special maiden or to a different size. Although it still causes dissatisfaction amongst new mothers, looking at their new baby makes their worries fade.
As you get older sagging breast will become more difficult to restore. …

Ways of maintaining healthy teeth.

Ways of maintaining healthy teeth

From brightly smiling face, white teeth gives people to be comfortable and it could become its own attractiveness.
So these days, not only plastic surgery but teeth surgery is also getting attention by many people.
Ways of maintaining healthy teeth - Color of teeth
There are many reasons for having discoloration of teeth. Teeth could be white, yellow, or grayish color genetically. It is difficult to change genetic reasons, but when aged as acquired, dentin could compose and enamel could peel off which could give optical effect. Also, intake of coffee, curry, coke, wine, etc. food ingestion, smoking, etc. could color surface of teeth which causes discoloration. Sometimes neglecting decayed nerve teeth for a long time could make teeth to become black or during the time when teeth were formed, taking certain medication could also effect on discoloration. Those symptoms could be improved by teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatment rem…