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Friday, August 26, 2016

Did you know that your health status varies according to where you get your acne?

Did you know that your health status varies according to whenre you get your acne?

People believe that they are having acne on their face. However, you may have acne on the back, neck, scalp and area where it has the sebaceous glands. You may check your health due to the location of your acne. Having acne is the warning sign from your health condition from your organ.Let's find out more about it.

The location of Acne - cheek acne

The pore on the cheek is smaller and thinner than acne in T-zone area thus it gets a scar easily. It bothers us to improve. The acne on the cheek is linked to the liver and stomach or when you eat too sweet and oily food and have constipation problems. Acne on your cheek also means your lung is being unhealthy or you have too much heat on your body. Avoid smoking is helfup to improve
your skin due to clean our organs. Try to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables - especially green vegetables. It will be hlep you to have improve acne on the cheek.

The location of Acne - Acne around the mouth

The acne around the mouth is commonly connected to stress and hormonal changes. For women, they occur around menstration period or when your body is cold.
Please keep your body warm and it will be improved by drinking enough water and fibers to flush out toxins in the body.

The location of Acne - forehead Acne

Clean and wide forehead looks beautiful while forehead with many small pimples are not aesthetically pleasing. The forehead is connected to the digestive system and it is very sensitive to stress. You need to keep your stomach warm, eat digestible food,
and get enough sleep to improve.

The location of acne - Neck Acne

The acne on the neck as well as forehead acne is also sensitive to stress. When you are under a lots of pressure, it is easy to get acne on the neck.
To prevent to have acne on the neck, it is good to release the shoulder and neck muscles.

The location of acne - back acne

When the back has acne, it usually gets scars. We need to care more about it especially in the summer. There are lots of reasons for back and chest acne due to stress, constipation problems, toxins in the lung and stomach. You need to avoid eating oily food and smoking like other acne. Please avoid wearing tight clothes. It is good to wear cotton clothing to help absorb sweat well and allow your body to breathe. Please avoid scrubbing the skin to get rid of acne. Acne may be exacerbated by irritation.

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