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The dramatically changed life of the 'Masked Woman'

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, Gives “Radish” as a Gift to Masked Woman

On the 25th, the amazing transformation of the ‘masked woman’ was broadcasted on Martian X on tvN. It was a shock to see the side effects of illegal plastic surgery, and her model teeth made using super glue, but with dental treatment and revision surgery, the new life of masked woman Yang Hye Ran was broadcasted.

Dr. Kim Young Joon, at Wonjin Dental Clinic, who treated Yang Hye Ran, said, “the gum was damaged so badly that implants were almost impossible, but hard effort, we were able to put implants. Currently, 90% of work is done and her jaw can function almost like a normal person’s and it is a relief.”

Dr. Park Won Jin of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, who performed the revision surgery, said, “we removed the industrial silicone from her entire facial area and lifted the drooping cheeks with acusculpt laser. Also, with philtrum reduction, we tried to create a more balanced face. The treatment is not 100% complete yet but people will no longer call her a martian.”

There was a scene in the broadcast in which Yang Hye Ran was eating ‘radish,’ something she had wished to eat before the surgery. Yang Hye Ran said, “I thank the people who helped to live like a person and a woman again. I will not conceal my face anymore, and will live my life to the fullest.” 

<Article source: Segye Ilbo>
Original article: Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic presents the gift of chewing 'radishes' to the Masked Woman

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