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Buttock augmentation for an attractive waist and hip line

Body Contouring - Buttock Augmentation
Buttock Augmentation for an attractive waist line and legs

1. What is buttock augmentation?
A firm and shapely buttocks is a key part of an attractive backside. There are many women who have concerns about their buttocks. A flat buttocks can make the legs appear shorter, and can make a woman feel less feminine. That is why buttock augmentation plastic surgery is available to help women feel more attractive about themselves.

"You can't have an S line without a firm and attractive butt"

<Appropriate cases for buttock augmentation>

In addition to the types of appropriate cases shown above, here are more appropriate cases for buttock augmentation.

> Those who have lost volume in their buttocks due to diet or exercise
> Those whose backside is indistinguishable from their front
> Those who wish to have a more curvaceous body line
> Those who have asymmetrical buttocks and want functional improvements

2. Buttock augmentation at Wonjin? 
Buttock augmentation at Wonjin not only adds volume to the buttocks, but also firms and rounds the area to make an attractive and shapely buttocks. (Apple bottom shape)

A round and shapely buttocks, in relation to the bust, is said to be the finishing touch on an attractive and womanly line. However, only focusing on the buttocks can lead to it appearing disproportional to the rest of the body including the thighs, legs, and hips. 

That is why at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, numerous years of skills and experience are used to carefully design and consider all factors especially ratio when performing surgery to get the best results.

3. Types of buttock augmentation at Wonjin   

> Buttock augmentation with implants
01) A super smooth silicone implant is carefully inserted under the muscle.
02) Incision point is a tiny 3~4 cm along the hips.
03) Everyday activities possible after 4~5 days.

> Buttock augmentation through fat grafting
01) Unnecessary fat is collected from the stomach or thighs and then grafted to the upper buttocks.
02) Little to no chance of complications.
03) Since fat is removed from unwanted areas an additional liposuction effect occurs.

Buttock condition
Recovery time
Flat and sagging
Desired size and shape can be achieved at once
 5~6 days
 Fat grafting
Flat but not sagging
Two birds with one stone effect(stomach fat removed, thighs slimmed / hips become shaped) legs also appear longer
 2~3 days
 Special threads
Not flat but sagging
Sagging muscles are strengthened to tighten the buttocks
 1~2 days

4. Wonjin buttock augmentation advantages

01) Little to no pain buttock augmentation
There are many people afraid of surgery because of the possible pain. However, with Wonjin's 19 years of numerous successful surgeries and experience our buttock augmentation has reduced the damage to the muscular structure as well as lead to a quicker recovery.

02) Know how to create an attractive backside and derrier
Buttock augmentation at Wonjin not only considers the shape of the buttocks but the entire female backside is accounted for so that the waist-hips-thighs are in an attractive ratio.

03) Buttock augmentation optimized clinical system
Our medical facilities are equipped with exclusive recovery rooms as well as a centralized pain control system for patients. In addition, right after the surgery when the patient is recovering from anesthesia we offer 1:1 care to help the patients recovery safely.

For treatment times, reservations, and enquiries come check out our website

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  1. Buttock implants were traditionally placed under the skin and fat, over the butt muscles. This was the habit of most surgeons because it was relatively simple and easily learned.

  2. Buttock augmentation is a procedure that reshapes and enhances your gluteal area, providing you with an uplifted and shapelier buttock profile.


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