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Acne? Take good care of your acne like this!

Acne is a skin inflammatory disease which comes with deep boil (cyst or tubercle), pimples in the closed pores (open and closed comedo) of the face, neck, breast, back and shoulder areas.

Acne usually occurs in their early teens, but symptoms can be severe around early and late 20s. It can also occur in their 30s and 40s.

Generally, acne disappears years later even without treatment, but if you do not treat the acne with proper treatment, there may leave a permanent scar.
Acne is not a life-threatening disease, but it puts a psychological burden on the patient. And serious acne can leave a severe and permanent scar which can lead to cosmetic problem.

Therefore, it is important to have interest in skin care and treatment of acne. Today, I would like to tell you how to take care of acne.

Wash every day.
I would like recommend you to wash the hair often and try to keep away the hair from your face because the oil in the hair can affect the acne.
That's why people with bangs often have acne on their forehead.
You need to wash the face to prevent oil from accumulating on your face.

Do not touch your face with your hands.
There are a lot of invisible dust and germs in our hands.
When you touch your face with dirty hands, your face will be infected by dust or germs.
So if you have a habit of touching your face with your hands, I recommend you to change it.

Be careful of oily and instant foods.
Instant foods such as large quantities of snack, chocolate and soda make acne worse.
Instead of these foods, I recommend you to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins.

Drink a lot of water.
It is recommended to drink six glasses of water a day.
Drinking a lot of water cleans out the bad wastes that collect in the body so it is good for health.

Take enough rest.
If you are stressed or lack of sleep, your corticosteroids will secrete and stimulate the sebaceous glands.
Then, it is easy to get acne. So you have to manage your stress and take enough sleep.

Don't squeeze the pimples.
Acne will disappear after about a week, so do not just squeeze it.
If you squeeze by your finger, it may cause scars.
If acne occurs, don’t squeeze the pimples with your fingers. , visit clinic and get it done by the specialist.

Acne? Take good care of your acne like this! 
Acne, acne care, skin care, beauty, acne skin care, korean dermatology, 
Acne? Take good care of your acne like this! 
Acne, acne care, skin care, beauty, acne skin care, korean dermatology, 
Acne? Take good care of your acne like this! 
Acne, acne care, skin care, beauty, acne skin care, korean dermatology, 
Acne? Take good care of your acne like this! 


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