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Friday, November 20, 2015

BEAUTY TIPS- Causes of Pimples

Causes of pimples
Even for the people who have smooth skins, sometimes have one or two pimples.
Let’s find out about the cause of the pimple and how to get rid of it !


1.     Nose

It appears for people who have indigestion. People who like sweets and oily food and due to drinking alcohol, there can be stacks of wet heat in the stomach. Constipation and coprostasis can also be one of the reasons.

2.     Cheeks

Left cheek’s pimple appears due to liver problem, and right cheek’s pimple appears due to lung problem. If you get stress too much, the inflammation may be caused and appear on cheek area.

Chrysanthemun tea, ad Saururus tea may be a help to relive the pimple on these area.

 3.     Chin, mouth

Pimple on chin and mouth area is caused by decline of kidney and generative function, such as urinary system disorder, and menstrual irregularity. Keep the body warm and take hot bath. Cinnamon tea, mogwort tea would be effective to make improvement to remove the pimple on these areas.  


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