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Friday, November 27, 2015

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health! Blood Vessel Care -2-

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health!
Blood Vessel Care -2-
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From last posting, we have discussed about the importance of blood vessels. Today, let’s find out about the criteria for vascular health and diseases that may arise when it’s not managed properly.
<Criteria for Vascular Health>
The criteria for judging the health of the vascular is the circulation time within the body. It takes less than one minute for the healthy blood vessel to travel through the heart, arteries, veins and back to the heart. However, if the blood flow has slowed down due to inflammation of the blood vessels and cholesterol, it will shorten the cycle times which will negatively affect the blood circulation. It can later lead to malnutrition or lack to oxygen since the blood circulation cannot properly carry the nutrients and difficult to remove waste toxins which can lead to substantial disease. Let's learn about the diseases that may appear due to worsening of vascular health.

<Disease that can Occur Due to Vascular Health Problems>

01.   Atherosclerosis: The vessel gets harden to prevent the blood vessel to burst, which cholesterol is produced to cause inflammation inside of the blood vessels. It causes heart hypertrophy of the phenomenon since there is lack of space for the blood to flow and making it difficult for blood circulation. Also, the pressure inside the vessel increase which can lead to hypertension.
02.   Varicose Vein: Varicose vein symptoms of heavy and swollen foot usually appear in women. Neglecting the symptoms will lead to failure in supply of oxygen and nutrients, which may cause deficiency.
03.   Cold Hands and Feet: Hands and feet coldness usually appears in women, which has a significant effect on change in the hormone.  On the other hand, if it appeares in the Middle Ages, it’s due coldness in peripheral vascular aging and the autonomic nervous system will experience a problem with the blood supply due to a cause of vasoconstriction. Neglecting the symptoms will lead to ulcers, inflammation, and necrosis so it must be cared.
For next post, we'll learn about the Wonjin’s CS2 Treatment and effective food for vascular health.

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