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Friday, March 25, 2016

Rhinoplasty- Droopy Nose Surgery!

Rhinoplasty- Droopy Nose Surgery!

Obtain attractive impression with droopy nose surgery!

Droopy nose is one of the most difficult surgeries among rhinoplasty surgery. Therefore, it’s important to choose Wonjin, with more than 20 years of experience.

Rhinoplasty – Droopy Nose Problem 01
I have a severe droopy nose, so can I just fix the tip?
Different from the short nose, droopy nose occurs when the cartilage on alar or septal is too long and too much. That’s why it’s possible to slim down the tip just by simply correcting the cartilage in the nose. Since the need to replace the internal structure of the nose cartilage is difficult to be corrected alone filler or a simple cartilage graft. For droopy nose, saggy cartilage needs to lifted up and fix securely to make the tip shorter, giving more soft impression.
Rhinoplasty – Droopy Nose Problem 02
My nostrils are wide apart, so do I need surgery for that?
Often people with droopy nose seem to have wide apart nostrils, but does not necessary require to have nostril reduction surgery.  When the nasal septum cartilage is long, then the alar drops at the same time so when the cartilage is reduced, the width of tip gets slimmer.  If the cartilage correction is not enough, nostril reduction surgery can be done to fix the shape.
Rhinoplasty – Droopy Nose Problem 03
I have droopy and hump nose so it is a hard surgery?
Hump nose can be improved by lowering the bridge and raising the tip.  If the width of the bridge is wide and needs reduction, a satisfactory result can be achieved when it’s done by the rhinoplasty specialist.


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  1. Nice blog, Rhinoplasty surgery is the best way to reshape a broken nose.