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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wonjin’s Cheekbone Reduction Surgical Method

Wonjin’s Cheekbone Reduction
Surgical Method


When cheekbone is protruded, it can make the strong face impression. From the front view, the width of the face looks too wide. In case of asymmetric cheekbone, the whole face may seem asymmetric. Find out about the cheekbone reduction at Wonjin for safe cheekbone surgery!




Cheekbone Reduction Step1
Precise analysis by 3D CT

Medical team precisely analyzes the patients’ condition and plans the surgery after consultation


Cheekbone Reduction Step2
3D simulation photo for designing

Real 3D Simulation photo for designing the after surgery



Cheekbone Reduction Step3
Incision through inside the mouth

Incision inside the mouth and sideburn 4-5 mm


Cheekbone Reduction Step4
Safe double fixation

Fixate the front and back of the bone using double fixation method with harmless clinical plate





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