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Effective methods to improve retreated chin

Korean plastic surgery

Most people’s concerns are large jaw, but those with under-developed chin agonize about their own flaws as well. Retreated chin refers to a condition wherein the lower jaw is excessively short or set backwards compared to the upper jaw.

retronagthia surgery before after

The cause is usually genetic or hyposomia, but it could also appear due to injuries and diseases on mandibular joints which hinder the proper development of the lower jaw. Habits such as biting fingernails, thumb sucking and sleep apnea due to severe rhinitis could also be factors that affect retrognathia.

retronagthia surgery before after

Retreated chin can create double chin, giving off a dull impression. Also, since the oral structure makes it difficult to close the mouth, inflicting strength to keep the mouth shut can lead to unwanted wrinkles on the chin area. Such concerns attract many people to plastic surgery clinics.

retronagthia surgery before after

Surgery methods depend on the chin types and the most effective ways for chin projection can vary from genioplasty, silicone implant insertion, autologous fat grafting to filler injection.

retronagthia surgery before after

Genioplasty fractures the bone which is set backwards, and slides it to the front in order to increase the length of the chin. The bone is fixated tightly and the length is controllable depending on the fractured angle. The surgery can bring both aesthetic and functional improvements since it changes the impression and makes it easier to close the mouth.

It is very important to define the location of the nerves for safe surgical outcomes. However, in case of severe retrognathia with malocclusion, two jaw surgery is necessary.

retronagthia surgery before after

Silicone implant augmentation is a surgery method that inserts an implant such as silicone or goretex in order to increase the length of the chin. It is appropriate on mild retrognathia cases. For those who do not prefer invasive methods with incision, filler injection or autologous fat grafting can be an option. In these cases, returning back to daily activities immediately is possible since they require very short recovery time.


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