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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Face Lift before and after [ Real Experience story]

Face Lift before and after Real Experience story
This Patient is in
an age of what we called as a stage of aging. It destroys the facial
line through the fat is loss on the parts where needed and skin is saggy
where it shouldn't be.

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tability and Durability, with Satisfaction! High Elasticity Wint Lifting

It uses the special medical thread that has been approved by both MFDS and FDA for the first time in Korea.  Wint Lifting uses advanced melting thread from Mint Lifting that fills in saggy cheeks and deep wrinkles to improve elasticity on whole face. It is a high elasticity lifting thread which improves droopy skins on cheek area and also wrinkled face with anti-aging effect all at once.

Are unsatisfied with general thread lifting Wish to be treated with shorten time with long lasting effect Want thread lifting that gives you no uncomfortable feeling Wish to improve smile line and saggy cheeks Want quick recovery with no side-effects

Lifting shape, Thread, Effects

Superb Thread! Combination of patented skill and elasticity Strong Thread! High durability Simple Thread! Outstanding stability Lifting Before After

High Elasticity Wint Lifting  Mint Liftin, WintLifting, bluerose lifting

Simple Thread! Outstanding stability(mint Lifting, bluerose lifting)

Wint Lifting is upgraded from our patented Mint Lifting. You can only experience the Wint Lifting’s efficacy at Wonjin Lifting Specialized Center.


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