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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Long Chin and Asymmetric Face

Real Story: Long Chin and Asymmetric Face 

I received two jaw surgery because I had a long face and my face was not even. And I went to many hospitals and received a lot of consultations. But I decided to come to Wonjin in the end because they seemed the most trustworthy. Two jaw surgery is like a present for people that look like I do. It's on a different level compared to pretty people that receive eyes and nose surgery. 

I'm really thankful and happy that a surgery called "two jaw" can change a person's life like this. It was expected but, my face is so much smaller now! I look like a cute girl now and I just cannot stop taking selfies haha I look so pretty and my parents are happy for me too.

It's been about 5 months since I had surgery and now I have braces on.

In the past, I never put on make up or got dressed up for anything. But now I love to go shopping and can't keep myself from buying new cosmetics. It takes a really long to get ready and now I feel like I'm a real woman. Hopefully I'll look more beautiful after I take my braces off hehe 

Thank you doctors for giving me a safe surgery and more than expected results :)
I am forever in your debt.

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