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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wonjin's Makeover Show 3

Makeover show "Tell Me Your Wish" with Korean & Chinese medical staff

Make your wish come true 

at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group 

Luo Hai Bin - Man girl

How did Luo Hai Bin Transform? 

She does not look so masculine anymore! Instead, she has a smooth facial line and feminine appearance.

A Customized Solution for Luo Hai Bin

Fat grafting - for the entire face 
Double eyelid - non incision 
Front chin
Two jaw 
Square jaw 
Cheekbone reduction 

Her wish was to, " wear make-up like all my other girl friends." 

How does she look? 
Do you think her wish came true? 
We hope that Luo Hai Bin can forget about the past and not be depressed anymore. 

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