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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Korean Plastic Surgery that the Chinese Must Be Aware Of 2

Many people bring in pictures of celebrities to show what kind of features they want. Some of the more popular pictures are of Angela Baby, Song Hye Kyo, and Jun Jiyeon. For the people who bring such pictures, it is both easy and difficult to operate on them. This is because they know specifically what they want but they might wish for a feature that is not harmonious or proportional to their entire face, and it is not easy to persuade them otherwise. 

For example, Jun Jiyeon's nose is straight, and during the consultation, it is important to think about the entire face of the patient with Jun Jiyeon's type of nose. It is also important to honestly state what kind of features you want in detail for optimal surgery results. 

Cosmetic surgery is not a surgery to treat an illness, so except for side effects, the success of the surgery depends on subjective judgment. In other words, if the patient is satisfied, then the surgery is a success, if they are unsatisfied, then it is a failure. Also, the patient may have a change of heart before and after the surgery, and their appearance after the surgery may look different to what they had in mind. 

In conclusion, for a surgery to be successful, select a clinic with experienced medical surgeons and also have a clear image of what you want for the surgery for better communication. Especially for foreign patients, you must clearly tell your doctor what you wish for and check the they understood your request. 

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