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Monday, July 21, 2014

[Event] Live Demo for Restylane Media

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group scheduled a media event with Restylane* on July 10th, 2014. The event held by Restylane included media from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. with a total of 40 people that visited the hospital. 

The event started out with the introduction of the hospital, then the introduction of Restylane, a familiarization tour, a live demonstration, and a Q&A session. Dr. Bang Chi Young, plastic surgeon, explained in detail about Restylane (filler) and performed the live demonstration of the filler. 

The visitors enjoyed the live demonstration, which was the highlight of the event. The demo included fillers being infected into the nose, smile lines, and a skin booster from Restylane vital. Fillers are usually for making the sunken and flat areas of the face more voluminous. The main component of Restylane vital, hyaluronic acid, has the largest particles, which are injected onto the face, causing a moisturizing and shining effect for the skin. 

The event came to a close with Dr. Bang's interview. Overall, the event went smoothly and it was a good opportunity for Wonjin Beauty Medical Group to spread Korean plastic surgery and also about Restylane. 

* Restylane is a filler made from hyaluronic acid from Sweden and approved by the FDA in 1996 for its safety and effect. 

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