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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nose Surgery

Real Story: Nose Surgery

My nose bridge was pretty high so it kind of looked like an eagle's beak and also a bit round and blunt on the tip. When I took pictures, I would always feel that my nose came out really ugly and it was a big problem for me (it also looked huge so that explains the picture below)

I never used to take pictures close to my face, but after I took a look at my wedding pictures for my wedding that is scheduled to be in February next year, I couldn't delay it any longer. So I just decided to get a nose job. 

I have always considered getting surgery but I was afraid and only envious of people who actually went ahead with their surgeries. There seemed to be a lot of celebrities that got surgeries at Wonjin, but the feedback were not very satisfying for me so I couldn't make a firm decision. But I thought "if it's right for me, I'll just do it," so I decided to get a consultation. 

The consultant was great and everybody at the hospital was kind to me. I was concerned after the operation, but after they took off the tape, I saw my reflection of my swollen nose and thought, "my nose came out nicely, whew." 

This is my 2nd week and my nose is healing quite nicely so I am very satisfied. My friends and family tell me it looks good so I feel good! The best part about the surgery is that I am confident when I take pictures now haha I really wish the best for  Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and the doctors there. 

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