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Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Your Calves Thinner

Calf Reduction 


I used to work out on a daily basis, but now that I've stopped, I started gaining weight. I lost some of the weight by dieting, but my calves are way too muscular and bulky. What kind of calf reduction treatments are there? 


It is best to find out what kind of category you are in after accurate examination. A customized surgical method will be recommended for you. 

Types of calf muscles 

1. Inner muscle: When wearing heels, the muscle sticks out

2. Outer muscle: Usually caused from genetics and excessive work out - legs look curved

3. Inner & Outer soleus muscle: Legs may look curved and thick 

4. Multiple muscles: The inner & outer muscles are protruding and looks large overall

5. Muscle & Fat: Much muscle and fat which makes the legs look thick

For a non-incision method, the nerves on the calves are selectively blocked by using a high frequency energy wave. Compared to prior methods where the nerves were melted using various drugs which caused side effects, this method selectively treats the muscles which decreases the level of tissue damage.

Time: 30 mins
Anesthesia: Local
Recovery: 1-2 weeks

* Bleeding, infection, etc may vary from patient to patient after the surgery

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