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Monday, October 31, 2016

Rhinoplasty, alar (nostril) reduction

Have you ever heard the praise “Nose is the center of face”?
Eyes are the part that creates overall impression of face, but the part that plays important role on balance and harmony of our face is Nose!

Especially, nostrils (alar) and nose tip are the most impressive part from the front view.
When the nose alar is wide and big, the nostrils look big which creates dull impression and make the nose to appear low.

The ideal width of your alar is the same as the distance between your eyes, shorter than the width of your lips and has to be wider as it comes down.

Alar (nostril) reduction needs about 30 minutes of surgical duration.
It is a simple surgery compare to other surgeries and it allows the reduction of the width of alar as well as correcting on wide nostrils or uneven nostrils to beautiful egg shaped nostrils.

However it requires experienced doctor’s précised performance as the nose tip may appear even thicker if the alar was reduced too much.

The reason for the people to prefer alar reduction is that it allows improvement on the nose shape without implant insertion and this is suitable for patients who have wide alar when their nose bridge is already high. Also this is popular between the patients who are looking for natural looking improvement without the trace of plastic surgery.

However what if you want to improve on the nose line from the side profile?
It is possible to create even more beautiful nose line if the nose bridge surgery is performed with the alar reduction. Also it is possible to have prettier nose shape if the nose tip is adjusted using the patient’s own cartridge.

However I am sure that you will be worried about the scar after surgery as the excessive skin on alar has to be removed. The scar can be formed after alar reduction as incision has to be made, however it is hardly visible as the incision is made on the border line below alar. The scar fades away in about 2 months and it becomes hardly visible. (Different to individuals)

Nose surgery has to fulfill the aesthetic standards however it is important to have connected medical treatments with ENT as the nose is important part that is related to our respiration. Additionally, nose surgery requires great skill as the surgery is very detailed because the security of sight is very limited unlike other surgeries.

WONJIN plastic surgery clinic has connected medical treatments with ENT of course and has 20 years of experiences on various cases of patients.

We provide high quality medical system that is equal to the university hospital leveled and take responsibility from the surgery to recovery by specialized anesthetist’s 1:1 exclusive care.

Before and after photos above were provided by WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP

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