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Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to treat your skin during fall

It’s finally getting into fall as cool wind is blowing after the long lasting summer.
Last summer was just too long and hot, and it is time for us to calm our skin down from the UV ray, heat and sweat.

You may find that there are freckles and other pigmentation appearing or getting more significant after summer’s strong sun light. Your skin would more likely lose its elasticity due to sudden aging. It is easy to get wrinkles and rough skin as your skin has been suffering through hot and humid summer.

There are cosmetic products prescribed from dermatologists that is effective on whitening such as hydroquinone and retinoid that destroys excessive melanin pigmentation. The effect of vitamin C on skin anti-aging is already well-known.

Applying essence or cream that contains vitamin C can be helpful. Peeling is effective as it helps the elimination of dead skin cells and the excretion of melanin pigmentation, and laser toning is also popular recently which encourages collagen generation as well as destroying melanin pigmentation. We tend to become loose on applying sun blocks during fall even we have been applying it well enough during summer, but it is ideal to apply sun block throughout all seasons.

We have to provide enough water in order to vitalize our skin. Drinking at least 8 cups of water per day and using moisturizer that is balanced on both oil level and water level according to your skin type is helpful on increasing the skin elasticity. You should never peel your flakes off by rubbing even when the flakes bother you. It is ideal to stay away from sauna or hot bath for a while as they can evaporate the moisture that your skin already had. You can increase the absorbability of moisturizer if you apply adequate amount of moisturizer on your face followed by moisturizing mask sheets at night.

There is variety of information on the internet about natural moisturizer or natural mask pack due to the increase in the interest on skin care. However trusting natural ingredients too much can be very dangerous as natural components that haven’t been proved to be safe can bring allergic reaction easily.

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