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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Have you ever had chicken in Korea?

Chicken meat is one of the most popular types of meat all over the world.
I think you will usually have half or one full chicken most of the time, right?
There are various foods made out of chicken all over the world.
We could pick KFC or Popeyes as the most famous chicken on the earth, however in Korea; you can try out variety kinds of chicken that are delicious.

1.     Chicken that is deep fried in Olive oil

Fried chicken from a company named B** is now popular on many countries after establishing branches internationally because their fried chicken is very crispy as it is deep fried in olive oil. This company’s chicken was really popular in Korea in the initial period due to its clean taste and other companies used to sell similar styled chicken.

2.     Chicken with scallion

It has been very popular recently with the nick name of scallion chicken and it is fried chicken served with julienned scallion to relive the oily taste of fried chicken. It was the most popular menu for a while due to its fresh taste. Maybe you should try to make scallion chicken at home.

3.     Honey butter chicken

It is a chicken seasoned with a sauce that is mixture of sweet honey and savory cheese powder and it was also one of popular types of chicken in Korea for a while. It was also popular between foreigners as well because it tastes similar to some food from other country, so maybe you should try this out.

4.     Korean traditional market styled chicken

Pubs and restaurants in Korea are usually opened until late night. Thus some traditional markets are opened until late night as well. There are many types of chicken including a chicken that contains less oil cooked by electronic heat rays or chicken that is sold right after it is deep fried. Food tastes the best when it is served right after cooking, right? Freshly cooked chicken? Wouldn’t it be delicious?

We can even say that you have never tried Korean food if you didn’t try on many types of Korean style chicken when you are in Korea.

Would you like to have a piece of chicken with me?

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