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Friday, September 11, 2015

Question to WONJIN! What Should I Do For My Protruded Mouth!?!?!


Question to WONJIN!

What Should I Do For My Protruded Mouth!?!?!



When someone has protruding mouth more than nose tip or front chin tip, we call it as a Bimaxillary protrusion. There are several types of Bimaxillary protrusion such as only teeth protrusion, gum protrusion, and a complex protrusion where both teeth and gum are protruded. When you have a Bimaxillary protrusion, gum are overly exposed during a conversation, so it doesn’t look sophisticated and aethetically not beautiful.
This is why more and more people are considering Bimaxillary protrusion correction by Two Jaw surgery or Orthodontics for their good facial impression.


WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic revealed that “Many people who suffer from Bimaxillary protrusion not only want to improve functional purpose but also wish to achieve aesthetic enhancement. Thus, people are really interested in a Two Jaw surgery since it requires comparatively short time to achieve functional and aesthetic improvement.”

It is recommended to choose Bimaxillary protrusion correction method such as orthodontics or two jaw surgery or both, depending the condition of Bimaxillary protrusion and occlusion. If someone suffers from severe Bimaxillary protrusion, then two jaw surgery first and post-op orthodontics will be much more effective.


WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic also said “Post-op orthodontics after Two Jaw Surgery will help protruded gum and uneven teeth to be straightened and it will be much satisfying both functionally and aesthetically. This is why you need to visit the Plastic Surgery Clinic where dental surgery is also possible.”


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