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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Were you looking for non incision method?, We will tell you about the non incision method for double eyelid surgery

Non incision eyelid method is not just pinching the double eyelids.
 It seems that all non incision eyelids surgeries are the same but they are not.

There are so many non incision eyelid surgical methods based on how the stitches are attached to eyelid muscles and the stitches are tied up.
According to the surgical method, the surgery result will be different.
Before Non-incision eyelid surgery
After Double non incision eyelid surgery
Double non incision eyelid method makes double eyelid lines and then stitches up twice to strengthen the fixation.
This method is not just stitching up twice, it makes the double eyelid muscles to adhere naturally by stitching up inside and outside both.
In case the eyelid skin is not thick, normally double non-incision eyelid method are performed on women from 20's to 30's.
 We would like to give you some information for people who concern about the stitches might be invisible.

Even though, non-melting thread is used for double non incision eyelid surgery, the result can be different based on a surgeon's level of skills.  
So before choosing the right plastic surgery clinic, you might need to do lots of
research on the clinic's skills and experiences
The double non incision method suture with the thread inside the skin without any stimulation, therefore it prevents double eyelid from releasing and inflammations.


The double non incision method doesn’t show the thread when opening/closing your eyes; therefore you don’t need to worry about it too much.

We are writing various blogs about eyes at the moment.
Today we learned about double non incision method for double eyelid surgery.
It is best to have the eye surgery to achieve clear and bright eyes.
I hope everybody become beautiful by having double non incision method surgery^ ^  

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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