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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wide nose surgery?, Nostril Reduction surgery?, Are you concerned about your wide nose?, We recommend wide nose surgery.

  Wide nose surgery?,
Nostril Reduction surgery?,
Are you concerned
about your wide nose?,
We recommend wide nose surgery.
In Korea if the nostrils are wide or if it’s too upturned, We call them a piggy nose, or upturned nose. Therefore they get teased a lot in their childhood.
Like the above patient, it is so explicit that the nostrils are very wide,
Because of her big enormous nostrils that looks like it is going to spout out,
She had a nickname of a “Dragon”
She wanted to get away from her strong and countrified
appearance as soon as possible.
Like the patient above, if  the patient's skin is thick with lower nose tip and wide nostrils, there are many complicated issues to be solved.

In order to operate wide nose, we do not only reduce nostrils but also need to make a sharp and classy nose for considering overall shape.
Nostril reduction surgery only takes 30 minutes, but it the surgery is not successful nose tip might look too unnatural. Therefore, highly skilled surgeon must perform the surgery.
We tied up the cartilage from a sever wide nose and put it in the middle. Then we make a nose bridge line with an implant for nose bridge.
With autologous cartilage, we make a sharp nose tip. For the last, we put absorbent support on columella to prevent reoccurrence.
This is all for wide nose surgery.
Transformation!! From tough image to classy image~Nose surgery gives the volume to a face the most. In case of wide nose surgery, giving the volume should be concerned the most.

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