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Friday, January 23, 2015

I want to get rid of my piggy nose !

Her pain

Her piggy nose gave her low self-esteem

Showing her nostrils looking at her in front.People teased her by saying do you get rain water with your nose because of her short upturned nose. Can she get out of her countrified rough looking image?

Wonjin’s diagnosis

Large frame, blunt short upturned nose
Through complete medical examination, her nose is short and her nose wings which is covering her nostrils were short also. Her face frame is large like a man so we couldn’t find
anything girly in her.

Wonjin’s core technology

Step1. Extend short tissues flexibly

Her nose tip cartilage and nose wing were both short so we had to extend her skin and soft tissue.After making her short upturned nose cartilage soft, we used her cartilage of nasal septum to make her nose and her nose wings longer.

Especially, extending nose wing is a very complicated surgery which needs overall technology to reduce the damage of skin, cartilage, mucous membrane, and tissue.
Step2. Even if time passes sharp elasticity nose tip surgery
Wonjin doesn’t just make the nose longer.Most of the upturned nose are in danger of recurrence because the nose tip cartilage is weak the nose tip is widely spread.
Because of these Wonjin’s absorptive columella support fixture will help the nose tip stay strongly on to make a sharp looking nose.



Her transition

Small face looking solidly beautiful

As a result, her nose looks like celebrity from a piggy nose.If we just made her nose higher we couldn’t have got this result.By reducing her cheekbone and square jaw we got an result of small face and nice looking nose line.



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  1. Big improvement. How much would this cost to do please?